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What to do if your friend’s boyfriend is too good for her

This whole blog post is a major breach of girl code. I’m well aware of that. But, I felt like I had to write it after I was a guest at a lovely dinner party where I was seated next to a couple where the woman was terrible to the man. She berated him in front of me, a total stranger, was competitive with him and was totally boring while he was a dreamy conversationalist. After the party, I sent a gossipy text to my host asking about this couple and she responded that she was so conflicted about that couple. Read more

3 Ways you can (almost) instantly make him a better boyfriend

I know you can’t “make” anyone do anything they don’t want to do. I’ve been to therapy. I’ve heard that, too. But, I do think you can make your boyfriend be a better partner to you... assuming that he wants to be as good a boyfriend as possible. And he should want that. If not, this dude isn’t worth dating. So, kick him to the curb! Consider that a bonus tip on how to make him a better boyfriend. If your guy is a dud who doesn’t care about making you happy, he’d be a better boyfriend to you as an ex! But, moving on, if you’re dating a good guy who could just use a little oomph in the better boyfriend department, follow these three easy steps and you’ll instantly have a better boyfriend. Read more