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What to do if you’ve lost interest in sex with your boo

There hasn’t been a single long-term couple in history where at least one partner hasn’t experienced a little dip in their interest in sex. It’s just impossible to keep those new relationship sex vibes going long-term. When there isn’t much surprise or nerves involved in your sex life, it’s harder to get excited. That doesn’t mean that this dip is permanent or you two have fallen out of love. It just means you need to give your sex life a little more attention. Here’s how. Read more

3 Things you’re not doing but should to improve your sex life

Let me guess. Your sex life is great, but it could be better, right? I think everyone feels that way. Sex is super, but very few people feel like true experts. From my conversations with friends and clients, it seems like even when people want to improve their sex live, they’re not quite sure how to. They think you have to be open to crazy different sex or at least really flexible to switch things up and make an improvement. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case at all. I have three very easy things that could improve anyone’s sex life. Read more

The Number One Reason A Woman Might Not Orgasm With A Man

A couple of years ago, I was with this beautiful woman. She was sexy. She was great. She was dynamic. But, in her 39 years on this planet she had never achieved an orgasm with a man. Read more