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Please Be The Person In Your Photo

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine the other day. He's meeting a woman who lives in Orange County. For those of you who don't know Los Angeles, Orange County is the next county over from LA. Los Angeles to Orange County is about 42 minutes on a good day. It takes 17 hours on a bad day. Read more

Pay Attention to Your Presentation!

Okay folks- how many of you know someone who refuses to FaceTime with you because they hate the way they look on screen? Maybe you yourself refuse to indulge in the taking of selfies - hating to be reminded of the imperfection that always seems to catch your eye in the mirror… Read more

The Female Douchebag

A girl takes a selfie for Instagram
Girls, today we are going to address an epidemic that is sweeping the nation and making a lot of women look really bad. Hopefully this article will help certain individuals recognize their embarrassing and non-feminine behavior and stop ASAP. The female douchebag, or ‘Homo Femalis Bitchius’ is a term coined by generation Y and has been around for quite some time now but really entered our collective memory via Instagram, the social media format based solely on uploading pictures to share your life rather than thoughts or ideas (like Facebook), and it has really created a monster… a douchebag monster. Read more