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What your millionaire’s holiday gift says about your relationship

Are you dating a millionaire and curious about where your relationship stands, but too afraid to ask? Well, his or her holiday gift could be the key to the information you’re looking for. Of course, I’m always a proponent of direct and honest communication, but even someone as up front as I am can feel a little timid about asking for a DTR when you’re new to dating someone. So, little hints can be really helpful in figuring it out. Here’s what your millionaire’s holiday gift to you might be saying about your relationship. Read more

5 holiday gifts to put on your list if you’re dating a millionaire… and have been very good this year!

[Repost from Millionaire's Club - View Here] Hear that? That ringing sound? It’s not jingle bells! It’s cash registers binging with sales because holiday shopping time is upon us! Can you believe it? This year has been one of the fastest of my life and I’m shocked that it’s time to start making our lists and checking them twice for holiday shopping. The best way to make sure you get what you really want this year is to actually tell your loved ones. That may take some of the surprise out of Christmas morning, but it guarantees that your friends and family are spending their hard earned money on things you’ll truly enjoy. And I think that outweighs the surprise factor in terms of importance. Plus, there are always surprises from Santa! Read more

5 cute gifts to get your millionaire if you’re on a budget

[Repost from Millionaire's Club - View Here] I’m well aware that this is a very champagne problem to have, but when you’re dating a millionaire and you’re not one yourself, holiday gifts can be a tricky thing. What do you get the guy or gal who can and does buy everything they could possibly want? The pressure is especially on when they’re generous gifters themselves. You want them to feel as special as they make you feel, but you can’t exactly cover a weekend jaunt to the Maldives or a Michelin starred meal. Fear not, my little millionaire lovers. I have some wonderful gift ideas for you to gift this holiday season that will make your boo feel the love without breaking the bank or your credit card limit. Read more

How to get a millionaire to fall for you… by this fall

Cannot believe it’s August already! That means back to school for a lot of the country. And even though the temperatures in California are not indicating any sign of autumn, fall is quickly approaching! And I feel like I say this at the turn of every season, but autumn might be my favorite time of the year, especially if I can sneak in a trip to the East Coast. And it’s definitely my favorite time of year when I’m in love! Fall can be such a romantic season. If you’re gunning to be in love by fall, why not set your sights on nabbing a millionaire? Read more

What a millionaire’s shoes say about him

Millionaire men can be difficult to read. It’s tough to get a sense of who they are at a glance because there’s often so much fanciness and fluff surrounding them. Did he make your super romantic date plans or did his assistant? Is eating at this well reviewed restaurant a special sign or just where he goes on Mondays? Is he dressed up or always wearing a suit? Well, after years of working with millionaire men, I’ve picked up some ways to make snap judgments about them. And I’m well aware of the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I just don’t agree with it. How else are you supposed to judge a book? Why does so much work go into the cover art? How come books that are faced out on the shelf are so much more appealing to me than the ones that are spine out? Because you’ve got to judge a book on its cover! Read more

Why summer is the best time to meet a millionaire

My shoulders are sunburned and my nose freckles are out which means that it’s officially the height of summer. Summer’s such a fun and social time of year. And if you’re single, it’s the perfect season to meet someone, especially a millionaire someone. So, my advice is to take advantage of the season, double your husband finding efforts and try to meet a millionaire mate this summer. Here’s why I think summer is the best time to meet a millionaire. Read more