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How to take a risk to find great love

Couple at sunset on the beach
I am not a game player. I actually despise the game players. Just like I despise the actions of women who think they are too good to walk thru a door that a man holds open for them—I’ll be sure to circle back to that one in another column. I think that game players are immature and set a horrible example for what people THINK dating should be. Indifference. NO!  Act indifferent and you will live an indifferent life. Read more

Ditch these 5 Dating Rules to Snag a Good Guy

Frustrated woman looks at the love rule book
You know who likes to play dating games? Players! No nice guy is into following stereotypical dating rules. Most of the time they don’t even understand them. Commitment oriented men want to be with someone who shows genuine interest in them. They need to know that a woman likes them back. Read more