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What to do if you’re ready for the next step, but he isn’t

At first, relationship milestones come fast and furious. First date. First kiss. First sex. First fight. First make up. First make up sex. And on and on. But, after a while, the firsts stop flying by. You two get comfortable and in a groove and are coasting along dating each other. And while that’s fine and dandy, there are much bigger relationship firsts, ranging from saying “I love you” to getting married, that need to happen to take you guys to the next level. Read more

Why Men Won’t Commit

If there’s one thing that pains me to hear from my female clients, it’s that the guy they’re dating is scared of commitment. In the dating stage it may look like inconsistent contact, last minute get togethers or booty calls. In a relationship, it may mean waiting to hear “I love you,” not moving in together or not getting engaged. Read more

When Should I Ask Him About Commitment?

Couple sits on bench at ocean after committing to each other
I had a great email from a lady named Claire last week. She asks a common question, but one that deserves addressing. It’s all about men and commitment. Yes, I know you ladies are all about commitment and trying to figure out why some men won’t settle down. So let’s see what I can share with you today! Here’s Claire’s email and my reply below… Read more

5 Reasons Men Won’t Commit To You

Are you dating Mr. Commitment Phobia? You love each other to bits, and you’d love nothing more than to settle down in a fully committed relationship. The trouble is, no matter what you say, you can’t seem to get him to official commit. You give him everything. Your heart and soul is his, and he knows exactly how you feel, yet in many ways it still feels like you’re living separate lives. Are you just stuck with a man who is afraid of commitment? Are all men commitment-phobes at heart? The answer here is a huge NO. Despite what some women believe, most men are perfectly capable of settling down. But, there are certain things which will put men off committing to you. It could be you’re unwittingly turning a man who would be completely devoted to you, into a “flaker in waiting” by making these 4 relationship mistakes! Read more