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How to be a good friend through a divorce

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have decided to divorce. My heart breaks for them because even though this is the right decision for them, it’s certainly not an easy one. And it really seemed like everyone talking about this divorce had that reaction—sad, heartfelt and compassionate support for the duo—which isn’t the norm in terms of Hollywood coverage. I was really heartened by that. And seeing all that appropriate coverage got me thinking about how to best address divorce with people you actually know. It’s tough to figure out how to be a good friend during this situation. So, here are some pointers. Read more

Why breaking up with a friend is harder than breaking up with a lover

Friendships are complicated and layered. I’d say they might even be more complex than a romantic relationship. Of course, when things are going well, friendships add so much to your life. Friends understand you, support you, celebrate you and value you. Even if you’re with the most amazing romantic partner in the world, sometimes there are things only a friend can help you with. But, the end of friendships can be terrible and bitter. And I’ve been thinking about why that is. Here’s what I’ve come up with on breaking up. Read more

How to deal with your shared friends post-break up

When you date someone for long enough, your friends stop being “his friends” and “my friends” and start being “our friends.” (If that’s not happening in your long term relationship with at least some of your friends, you need to ask yourself some questions about the health of your relationship.) And the “our friends” family growth is a beautiful thing, until the break up. Then, it’s a totally messy thing. Dealing with shared friends post-break up is never going to be a dream come true, but it doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare either. Read more

How to talk about your friend’s break up

It is the summer of break ups for celebrities, huh? Gwen and Gavin. Ben and Jen. Will and Jada. And then not Will and Jada. There’s been a lot of talk of big celebrity couples ending their relationships this summer. Some of it gossip. Some of it legit. Of course the internet has exploded with information and opinions about these splits. There’s some really despicable coverage of this stuff and total privacy invasions. News like this is always hot topics for those in the public eye, but it got me thinking about how people who aren’t in the spotlight also have to deal with breakup rumors and gossip. So, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to talk about a breakup in your friend group the right way. Read more

What to do if you can’t stop thinking about your ex

Ah, break ups. They’re heinous on all levels. Even the best, most amicable break up is pretty effing bad. Believe me, I know! Going through the break up can be hell, but what’s sometimes worse is that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. You keeping thinking about that final conversation, what you could have done differently, if you should have ended things earlier, what he’s doing now, who he’s doing now. The list goes on and on. And sometimes, so do your thoughts. It can be weeks and week or months and months of obsessing over the relationship. Even when you don't want to be thinking about your ex, you can’t stop. Well, here’s what to do. Read more

How to talk about your break up

I’m smack dab in the middle of Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please. It’s such a wonderful read. She’s just as adorable and inspiring on the page as she is in interviews. Not like you’d expect anything less, but the book is funny and well written and you really get the sense that you’re just sitting down for a chat with Amy. I also feel like I’m learning a lot of life lessons. One of the things that I admire about Amy’s story is how she’s handling talking about her divorce with Will Arnett. Read more