What married women can learn from single girls

I spend a lot of time giving single girls rules for nabbing men. And they totally do need them. But that doesn't mean single girls don’t have their own lessons to teach, too. Women in relationships, especially married women, could definitely learn a thing or two from the single girls of the world. Here are just a few: Read more

3 Celeb couples who’ve still got it and why

It seems like the average celebrity relationship has the lifespan of a fruit fly. Buy a magazine or open your Internet browser and all you’ll read about are celeb breakups and high profile divorces. It’s all so sad. But, there are bright spots. A few celebrity relationships have managed not to melt in the spotlight. Here are three of my favorite famous love connections and why I think they work. Read more

Divorced men: A girl’s best kept secret

By now I’m sure you’ve heard, I have a boyfriend! His name is David and he’s everything I was looking for. Kind, cute, fun, devoted, and divorced. Yep, divorced. Why? Because divorced men are a girl’s best kept secret. Do your research but don’t discount a guy because he’s divorced. You might even want to give him some bonus points. It worked for me. I really can’t wait for you all to get to know David this season. So excited! Here’s a few things to keep in mind about starting a new flame with "the divorced guy": Read more

5 Ways to get in touch with your inner goddess at any age

My business is about two people finding love with each other, but I’m just as passionate about finding love within yourself. I know, cheese alert. But it’s true. Every woman is a strong, powerful, sexy goddess and she should feel like it. If you’re ever feeling out of touch with your inner goddess, which happens to all of us from time to time, here's five quick ways to feel fierce instantly. Read more

5 Date ideas for while the kids are asleep

Keeping the romance alive when you have kids is tough. Doable for sure, but it takes some work. You need to squeeze in romance whenever you can. And most days the only time you and your honey have to yourselves are those few hours between your kids’ bedtime and your crash time. So, why not make the most of them and plan some romantic mini-dates for when your kids are asleep? Here are some ideas. Read more

3 Spontaneous trips to take with your husband

There’s almost nothing better you can do for a relationship than taking a trip, just the two of you. Romantic time without your typical daily distractions will give you two the chance to relight your flame and get frisky... in the bedroom and out! Read more