The Sex Files with Emily Morse

Mismatched libidos, Masturbation and Manscaping

Couple gets heated in bedLet me guess, either you or your partner wants more or less sex. This is a common case of “mismatched libidos.”  And more common than you think. But what to do about it?

I know, it wasn’t that way at the beginning: you had sex like rabbits and couldn’t wait to pull each others clothes off at every turn and were always ready for action.  Then, some time passed, maybe you moved in together, had some kids or got busy with your lives. Happens. But how do you keep sex a priority in the relationship? We discuss this very common issue on this weeks podcast.

Confused where to keep hair and where to lost it? Many guys are and if you’re partner is falling short in this area how do you talk to him about it? A gift certificate to get his back waxed? Not sexy.  We give you tips and tricks to do it right.

Finally, Happy Masturbation Month! The flowers are blooming, spring and sprung and it’s time to get busy with yourself.  We never stop learning and growing as sexual beings and we talk how masturbation can improve your sex life while you’re in a relationship because you can always discover new erogenous zones and share them with your partner. Plus if you want to show your partner exactly what you like. Why not get busy in front of each other?  Mutual masturbation is the best way to learn about what you each need and want sexually. Actions speak louder than words. We’ll give you tips this week as well.  I love hearing from you! Please send all your questions to

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