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Mismatched libidos, Masturbation and Manscaping

Couple gets heated in bed

Let me guess, either you or your partner wants more or less sex. This is a common case of “mismatched libidos.”  And more common than you think. But what to do about it?

I know, it wasn’t that way at the beginning: you had sex like rabbits and couldn’t wait to pull each others clothes off at every turn and were always ready for action.  Then, some time passed, maybe you moved in together, had some kids or got busy with your lives. Happens. But how do you keep sex a priority in the relationship? We discuss this very common issue on this weeks podcast. Read more

Men are Catching the “Beauty Bug”

Man looks in mirror
When was the last time you heard the term “metrosexual”? Popularized in the mid-1990’s as a way to describe men who take great care in their appearance, the term has lost some of its oomph today, as more and more men fit this description. Simply put, yesterday’s metrosexual is becoming today’s common man. These days, newer terms such as “manscaping” and “brotox” have been ingrained into pop culture. This further suggests that men today are taking a greater interest in their appearance than ever before. Read more