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Why Men Think Women Are Crazy: 2 Reasons

Hang around with a group of men on a Sunday afternoon watching football and the conversation will always turn to women being crazy.

Now, before you get all nuts and crazy about what I just said, listen carefully. Read carefully. Because crazy is not bad.

Men think women are crazy because that’s the only way that they can rationalize how different you really are from them.

Let’s go deeper into this with reason number one.

1. You bent out of shape over things that we never get bent out of shape over ever.

You create drama stories over things that we would never create drama stories over. So, instead of just having compassion and listening and understanding that the sexes are different, we just say “oh, this chick’s nuts.”

At the same time, you could care less if somebody puts a bag of groceries on the roof of your car or a coffee cup on the hood of your car. But for me, that would drive me nuts. It makes me crazy.

I can obsess over fantasy football. To you, that could be a trivial thing. To me, it’s a matter of bragging rights and so much more.

That could be deemed crazy. We all do things that are so uniquely man, and so uniquely woman.

But does that really make us crazy?


Recently, I didn’t react to a friend of mine who was having a girl meltdown.

She was having a meltdown, and I kind of glossed over the meltdown, and she was kind of sharing the reasons why she was having a girl meltdown. I’ve known her for years, and I kind of glossed over it and started talking about other things and she hammered me.

My thing was, man, why is my girl – why is my friend of all these years – going crazy? It’s really not that big of a deal, the thing that her kids had done that day. It shouldn’t irritate her like that.

But it did, and that’s what leads us to number two.

2. They’re not crazy, they just deal with things differently.

And that’s the beauty of both sexes. Calling somebody crazy is a cop out. It basically is just acknowledging the fact that you don’t have the patience to listen to somebody else that has different viewpoints or handles things differently.

We are wired differently. We have different hormones. We have different things going through our brains. We react to things differently, but that doesn’t make us crazy. It makes us different.

And that’s why the sexes are so different. Women might be a little more caught up in drama and speculation and trying to figure things out that they’ll never figure out, while dudes just shrug their shoulders and accept it for what it is.

But dudes, we obsess about our cars and we obsess about other things while you’ll cry over a shoe heel breaking or losing something of utmost importance to you, something that we wouldn’t find important at all. But that doesn’t make you crazy.

What’s crazy is the lack of compassion and the generalization that we have for one another. We all have our things, we all have our issues, we all have our stuff. And we’re all moderately crazy in today’s world. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Now there is an asterisk to this, which leads us to number three.

3. It’s a bonus one. I only promised two, but I’m giving you a third one for one reason.

There are some really fucking crazy people in this world. People that you need to be beware of. People who have crazy tendencies. Stalkers and people who obsess. People who don’t listen. People who only try to have their point of view and that’s it. That to me is the crazy thing.

But the little things, the little things that we’re always blaming and saying how women are just nuts and men aren’t developed, whatever our reasoning is, that’s normal crazy.

And we’re all pretty normal crazy in a crazy world. I mean look: we just elected a reality TV show star as President. A lot of people say that was crazy.