Matchmaking 101 - Office Hours with Lisa Clampitt

Live Matchmaker’s Certification Training with Lisa and Patti in Los Angeles!



Been thinking about a career as a matchmaker? Now is your chance, west coasters! We are packing our bags and heading to Los Angeles to hold a 3- day training that will kick off on July 31st.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life forever with a fulfilling and rewarding, high-earning six figure potential, glamorous career! A matchmaking career is super fun but it is also a serious multi-billion dollar industry.  You need to be taken seriously with the right training and credentials. That is where we come in!

Oh, and the best part of this next training? The one and only Patti Stanger will be co-teaching a class with me on how to launch and grow your own professional matchmaking agency!

Curious what else you will learn over the 3-days with us?

We will be covering:

– Introduction to the Field of Matchmaking
– The Psychology and Techniques Behind Matching
– Prescreening Techniques/Know How to Tell Immediately if Someone is a future Client or a Waste of Your Time
– Getting a Potential Client in and Ready to Sign
– Interviewing Techniques and Information Acquisition
– How to Build Your Database with Relationship Oriented Wealthy Clients
– Matchmaker Sales Process
– Coaching Skills to help Clients Market Themselves for Romance: (the ins and outs of date and relationship coaching and feedback)
– Matchmaking Business Models-What to Charge for What Services
– Matchmaking Business Models II
– Marketing and Networking for Matchmakers
– How to Start Up Your Small Business
– Matchmakers’ Code of Ethics

Have more questions you want answered about our training process? Head to our website. We’ve outlined everything you need to know, and you can reserve your spot right on the site.

See you in LA!