Four Fashion Failures Not to Make This Summer


Summer is officially here which means sweaters are out and short-shorts are in. We all want to stay cool in the heat, but ladies, there are just some summer styles that we should avoid altogether. Here’s my list of the four fashion failures you shouldn’t make this summer:

4. Tube tops

I will never forget that the time that my high school boyfriend told me that he hated when girls wore tube tops. I was shocked, confused, and bewildered. What was wrong with tube tops? Well, now I know: everything. They accentuate any underarm fat and make your boobs look like mosquito bites or like you got bad implants. Either way, trust my high school boyfriend and stay away from the tube top.

3. Vintage bikinis

As the saying goes, everything old becomes new again, and that’s exactly what’s happened with swimsuits. We all want to try and be Marilyn Monroe and wear a bikini with a bottom piece that comes up to our ribs. Sexy, right? Nope. Marilyn Monroe might have been able to pull it off, but typically most women don’t look good in this cut. I also know that men are just as confused with this swimsuit as they are high-waisted pants.

2. Cut-off shorts

Good ol’ cut-off shorts. They’re oh-so cool and vintage-y. They also, depending on the cut, let your cheeks see the light of day. Not cool and definitely not vintage-y. Letting your cheeks hang out is the equivalent of wearing a see through top with no bra. It’s not sexy. It’s not cute. And quite frankly, no one wants to see it. If you insist on wearing cut offs, make sure they cover your assets.

1. Crop tops

It’s hard not to go shopping for summer clothes without encountering a crop of crop tops. They’re so tempting, and much like the tube top, seem like a practical way to stay cool and show off a little skin. Unfortunately, we’re not all Britney Spears circa 1999 and most of us don’t have the abs to pull off a crop top. And sometimes, in the worst-case scenario, the crop top accentuates our arch nemesis—the muffin top.

Summer is a great time to put that pea coat in the closet and explore new trends. However, just like with all fashion trends, some are more user friendly than others.  Try to find something that allows you to stay cool and accentuates your best assets instead of exposing them.