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How To Know If You Had An Orgasm

Well, if you’re a man, it’s pretty simple.

I don’t need to describe it here because we all know exactly how a man orgasms.

But I hear over and over again from women: “I’m really not quite sure I’ve orgasmed.”

“I think I have, but I’m not sure.”

My answer to that is:

How do you not know?

It’s your body.

How do you not know that you’ve had an orgasm?

How do you not know what an orgasm feels like?

Have you not touched yourself? Have not played with your clit? Have you not figured out how your G-spot responds? Have you not tried sex toys?

It blows me away how repressed some people are sexually.

Sex is the Most Beautiful, Amazing Adventure

Not only with yourself, but with your partner.

If you’re going to deprive yourself of feeling good, deprive yourself of orgasm, then you’re literally depriving yourself of life.

And you’re depriving yourself of love – both self-love and the love between you and your partner.

I have a friend who’s a doctor, and he says that every single woman can orgasm on a physical level.

Every woman can physically have an orgasm. There are no women who are lacking in that department. You’re born with a clitoris. You’re born with a G-spot.

You have all the right “tools,” if you want to call it that.

But Sex is About Mental Stimulation, As Well

So the real reason why you’re not experiencing orgasms is because of the thoughts and the control and the mindset behind sex.

Sex starts in your brain and in your mind. It’s something that is explored that way, and it’s a free, incredible way to express yourself on many different levels.

If you’re not orgasming, the truth is it’s because you’re really uptight. I’m sorry if that’s harsh or mean, but that’s the best way to put it.

You’re too in control of yourself. You’ve been shamed around sex, probably, if you look back at your history. It might be because of religious or other issues.

Maybe you’ve had bad lovers in the past. But again, your own pleasure is your responsibility.

It’s not my responsibility or any other man’s responsibility to bring you pleasure.

You Need to Understand How to Bring Yourself Pleasure

You need to understand how to bring yourself to orgasm.

You need to do all these things for yourself, because by doing these things for yourself, you’re also going to be able to understand how to be a better lover for your partner.

So, if you’re one of these women that walk around and you’re not quite sure you’ve had an orgasm, I strongly suggest you spend some time going through some coaching or therapy so that you’re able to figure out your emotional and mental blocks.

These are the emotional and mental blocks that are preventing your physical body from doing what it can naturally do.

Your physical body can naturally bring itself to orgasm. It’s your emotional and mental state that’s blocking you.

So, it’s time you started taking responsibility for your own pleasure. It’s time you worked on the mindset.

It’s time you worked on the emotional blocks.

It’s time you start enjoying that beautiful body that God gave you.

Because I know that, if I was a woman and I had the orgasm capability that you have, I would make sure I eliminated all my emotional blocks so I could enjoy sex to the fullest.

We only have a short window on this earth to really fully enjoy ourselves. Don’t allow your emotional blocks to stop you anymore.