Five Ways to Make Positive Energy Work For You

Woman-smiling-at-man-in-a-bar-1155638-615x400 Let’s talk about energy today. Energy is everything. Energy is contagious. Unfortunately, what most of us lack is energy. Do you guys remember the character Schleprock on the Flintstones cartoons? He always had a cloud hanging over his head and he moped everywhere he went. How many Schleprocks do you know? This is how most people walk around – as energetic zeroes. Today I want to share with you, 4 ways to transform your life and the way you FEEL about the energy around you forever.

1. Examine The Zombies

See for yourself. Go to a bar and take a look at the energy that’s around you. Take a look at the way people are rolling their shoulders forward. Go to your local supermarket and take a look at the zombies shopping for food. Go to Starbucks and take a look at all the zombies that need a shot of caffeine in order to get their day or afternoon going. The world is full of the energy-drainers, and energy vampires, sucking the life out of the planet. And you, my friend, are not going to be one of them. You see, somebody with a high level of energy is going to stand out from the crowd. Everybody’s attracted to people with good energy because most people are zombies walking around. Every day you’re in a real life Dawn of the Dead. Instead of waiting for something to happen, go out and create something. Energy is everything. It can be created, but it can’t be destroyed.

2. Practice

Whenever you go out, I want you to realize that life is a stage. You are the leading actor in your own movie. Everywhere you go, think of yourself as the leading woman (or man). The leading man always gets the leading woman. Wherever you go, you should be the one to speak first. The lead always knows what to say. It might be a simple hello. It might be a smile. It could be a simple comment on somebody’s purchase. The lead always says their line with authority. Be the lead of your life.

3. Make a Change

It’s simple to make small changes. When you make changes, yes, even small ones, you stand out and become the most attractive, powerful version of yourself. That energy becomes contagious. The best part is, it’s easy to change your negative – zombie energy into positive energy Think good thoughts. Think something really amazing and then go out and feel good. Realize that whenever you go out in public, even if it’s only for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. During those 10 or 15 minutes you are on stage. Make the time count. Amp your energy up. Try putting a picture of something or someone that makes you feel happy in your phone. Have a mantra. Have something that makes you feel powerful and secure. Following through on these actions puts you in a positive space. Being in a positive space breed’s positive energy. Energy, my friend, is everything.

4. Be Grateful For The Good Around You

When you go out, think to yourself, today is the day that I’m going to go out there and meet somebody absolutely amazing. Think of all the great possibilities that life has to offer. Think about what a gift life is. Every time you leave the house, leave with a positive energy. Even if you’re tired, try to remember what’s waiting at home or just around the corner. That’s what it is. It’s just being the lead of your own life. When you’re the lead, you realize everybody is there for you. All the zombies are just extras in a movie. All the women are lining up to meet the leading man. Every leading man is looking for a leading woman. It’s how you choose to look at life. Do you want to be an extra or do you want to be the lead? Now, it’s time to go out and be the lead. Take your time exuding the confidence that a lead carries. If you don’t feel it right away continue to practice.  It’ll come with time. Realize all of the great opportunities that are available to you, think of all the people that support you, and know that life’s going to be great. A simple change in attitude can change your inner energy and that makes all the difference.