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5 Things to ask for on Valentine’s Day


Happy almost Valentine’s Day! The lead up to February 14th can be very stressful for couples, especially new couples who haven’t celebrated the holiday together before. There’s a lot of expectation that gets built up. And that expectation normally leads to a lot of let down come the big day. I say avoid that trip to Bummer Town and have a conversation with your boo about what would make you happy on Valentine’s Day. It might ruin the surprise of the day, but it will make both of you a lot more relaxed and able to enjoy the day. So, here are a few things I think you should ask for.


I know, I know, I know. Lingerie is a gift for him, not you. But, Valentine’s Day is about you two as a couple, not you and only you. (The you and only you day is your birthday, duh!) So, ask him to pick out something for you that he finds super sexy. And give him your size. Men always seem to get sizing wrong! Then, plan to have a very sexy, satisfying Valentine’s Day night.

A home-cooked meal

There is nothing sexier to me than a man who cooks. When David cooks for me, it seriously drives me wild. Tell your guy that all you want for Valentine’s Day is a home-cooked meal. If he’s a wonderful cook, he’ll kick it up a notch and make something really fantastic for you. And if he’s not, he’ll do something simple and adorable. Either way, all of the work he’ll put into it will be really sweet and totally romantic.

Something personalized

A gift that’s made especially for you feels really meaningful. Personally, I’d love to get this amazing, engraved birch bark vase. If that had my boo and my initials on it, I’d smile every time I saw it. Plus, it would mean my man had to get me flowers more often, which I love getting!

An activity

I’m a huge fan of experience gifts. Maybe the two of you decide your gift to each other is going on a trip together. Or maybe you can ask him to get you tickets to a special show or even reservations for a pottery class. Another idea would be to ask for one of those get-to-know-you book of questions. Even if you all have been together for years, you’ll learn something about your man through some silly “would you rather” questions.


Valentine’s Day comes annoyingly close to Christmas. So, chances are that your man spent a lot of money, effort and creativity on your holiday present. You can let him off the hook this year by declaring Valentine’s Day a no gift holiday. It relieves all of the pressure and expectation and opens you two up to having a special night of appreciating each other instead of focusing on things.

Comment below and let me know if you’re asking for any of these things for Valentine’s Day! I’d love to hear!