Exercise therapy: Your love life will love you for it

Thanks to Sensa and my boyfriend David getting me back into shape, I have a brand new body. I’m super proud of it, and I’m going to continue toning up. I mean, in my fifties and in the best shape of my life? Who wouldn’t tweet that from the rooftops? I’m so grateful for my new shape. While I was shedding the pounds with Sensa, I also got really into exercise for a one-two punch to that icky cellulite. I couldn’t be happier I did. I’m proof that exercise can change your life in the best ways. Plus, your love life will love you for it. Here’s why.


We know this — we preach this. Endorphins are the feel-good juice your brain produces during pleasurable activities like sex, eating something amazing and, you guessed it, exercise. Getting this mood-enhancing juice pumping through your body on a regular basis will make you happier. You’ll get more and better quality men in your life if you’re happy. After all, you can attract more honeys with honey than you can with vinegar!

Better sleep

Exercise leads to better, deeper sleep. I don’t want to sound too much like your nana, but the whole world looks different after a good night’s sleep, and that includes you. Regular good sleep is better than plastic surgery for improving your looks. You’ll also be more energized and healthier, which will make you a better partner to your partner or any prospective hotties.

You look your best

One of the biggest perks of exercise is that you’ll look amazing. Being stronger, leaner and healthier will of course make you more attractive. Who doesn’t want that?

Stamina for sex

Being in shape has more benefits than just looking hot, it can lead to super hot sex. Sex is an athletic activity, and to have amazing, mind-blowing sex you need to be in shape enough to bump, groove and shimmy all night long. You should never stop sex because you’re tired. You should only stop because you’re (both) satisfied.

Eye candy

You never know who’s going to be on the treadmill next to you. That guy in mesh shorts could be your future husband. Having a gym crush is the best motivation to get up early and sweat it out. If it works out between you two, you’ll be with a guy who’s in great shape (bonus!). No one’s ever complained about that! And even if you don’t have a specific crush, gyms are full of hot guys who are fun to look at and can totally motivate you to run that extra mile.