Clothed moves you can do to get his attention

Foreplay doesn’t happen just in the bedroom. The entire date, starting from the minute you say hello, is foreplay. I like to think of it as fore-foreplay. Is anyone else using that word? Should I copyright it? In the meantime, here are five fore-foreplay moves you can try. They work when you’re fully clothed and fully in public. And I guarantee they will get your man fully in the mood.

Play with your neckline

Wear a shirt that’s slightly low cut, but not overly revealing. Basically, anything but a crew neck T-shirt will work. Then, as you’re talking to him, run your finger along the neckline slowly. It’s really sexy and yet at the same time, completely innocent. Perfect for some during-dinner foreplay.

Twirl your hair

It’s hard to put into words why twirling a lock of your hair is so sexy to a man. Maybe it’s because playing with your hair is uniquely feminine. Even men with long hair don’t really play with theirs. Whatever the reason, what you have to do is slowly comb through a strand of hair with your fingers and then wind and unwind it around your finger for a few seconds. It will drive your man wild.

Rub his thigh

This sounds a little overt, but it doesn’t have to be. Touch his thigh quickly and softly. For example, the perfect time would be a quick squeeze when you’re leaning over laughing because he said something funny. Remember, this isn’t a full-on thigh rub-down. You’re not frisking him for drugs. You’re just trying to initiate a little pre-sexual physical contact.

Wear a dangly necklace

Here’s another one where a slightly low cut (again, just not crew neck) shirt will work wonders. Wear a long necklace where the charm dangles under your shirt. The chain disappearing into your cleavage is just suggestive enough to get your man raring to go. Plus, the charm can make you feel elegant and sexy too. So this one works two ways.

Leg cross

For this one, you need to be wearing a skirt. Sit next to your man and cross your legs towards him. In body language speak, crossing towards someone means you’re sexually interested in him. And he’s your man; you should be! As you cross your legs, let the side of your skirt nearer to him crawl up your thigh. Nothing more than PG-13 needs to show, but a little upper leg goes a long way. And because it’s the leg that’s facing toward him, his body will create a shield, making sure no one else in the restaurant can see your mini peep show.