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The 3 Most Common Relationship Symbols We All Dream About

I have been researching and studying the dreaming mind for over 18 years and have analyzed close to 70, 000 dreams!  In this time I have found that there are certain symbols that will show up in our dreams from time to time that are giving us insight into our relationships. Let’s go over the three most common relationship symbols and what they mean. Then, I’d love for you to tell me in the comments if you’ve had any of these symbols in your dreams lately. Read more

How Your Dreams Help You Navigate Your Relationships

Woman sleeping and dreams to guide her relationship

The other morning I was a guest on a radio show in Philadelphia. Listeners were calling in and asking me about their strange dreams.  A lady named Nancy called in and her dream caused me great concern. She said for the last 10 years she had been having a recurring dream, at least once a week, that she was being shot at by German Fighter Jets. She thought the dream may have to do with her father since he was a pilot for the Navy during World War II.

I asked her, “Is your father still with us and if so is he really hard on you?” Read more