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Multiple Orgasms? Yes Please

Let me guess. You don’t have orgasms as often as you’d like. You’re annoyed that your partner doesn’t know what to do to get you there. You can’t remember the last time you had an orgasm, or if you’ve ever had one in your life. Read more

How To Date When You’re Feeling Down

We’ve all heard it during the past few years. A lot. “It’s been a challenging year”. So many people I know have experienced it. Friends, clients, family, friends of friends, women I’ve met online, whatever it’s in the air and it seems to have touched nearly everybody. In the past, the well educated and well employed have been immune to it, but not this time. Read more

A trip to the supermarket: Pick me up some MILF

It’s Friday night, and you need food. You ask yourself, “Do I really want to deal with going to the market? Maybe I’ll order in instead.” Seriously? Unless you have a smoking hot girlfriend waiting at home wearing a little outfit from Victoria’s Secret, get your ass to the market now. That’s where all the girls are! Read more

Great Expectations: How to manage yours (and hers) online

It happens to all of us. We join a dating site with high hopes. We’ve heard about so many people finding someone great online. We even have friends that have girlfriends or boyfriends they’ve met that way. It seems to be happening all around us…but not to us. We’ve sworn off it before, but now it’s time. We’ve had enough. So we join. The first time looking at all the new faces, it feels like opportunity abounds. This is it. It’s going to happen this time. So, we send out a bunch of emails with high hopes. Some we’re really, super interested in, some sort-of interested in. Either way, we want to meet someone. Read more

Porn Lesson

This is going to be a fun one. Okay, where do I start… I started seeing a girl recently who’s younger than I am. I mention this upfront because I believe it has direct influence on the story. I mean, I’m not breaking any laws but she’s more than ten years younger than I am, which makes her from a different generation. When I first met her I didn’t think it was a big deal. Socially, I mean. I still don’t. I did feel like a cliché for a brief moment, older guy with hot young girl, but eventually figured you can’t help who you’re attracted to. Nor should you try. If she was up for it, I definitely was too. We liked being around each other, had great chemistry and were both interested in taking it to the next level. Read more
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