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Brett Parker Brett Parker has been an award winning writer, director and producer in Hollywood for the past 20 years. His movies and TV shows have been seen in over 40 countries around the world.

But it was fate that led Brett to his current position, writing and coaching men and women, alongside the most accomplished experts in the dating field.

After his divorce in 2006, a friend surreptitiously booked Brett a session with a ‘famous dating coach’ to help him get back out in the single world. Unbeknownst to Brett, that coach was David Wygant, a friend of Brett’s since first grade.

“When we were kids, I literally had to shove David into a girl just so he would talk to her”, Brett says. In a case of complete role reversal, David taught Brett what he had been teaching thousands of men for the past fifteen years.

“We come from the same place and been friends so long, it’s not surprising that Brett took to my system so quickly”, David says. “As soon as he got it, we looked at each other and saw the same light bulb… he should be teaching it to guys in the suburbs and small towns”.

Like so many men, Brett suffered in silence. Working with David, Brett was able to change his life so quickly and so dramatically, he felt compelled to spread the word and help others. Coaching was his calling. Brett found helping others discover their own power so rewarding, he devoted himself to it full time.

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End the fairy tale fantasy

end the fairy tale fantasy

A little while back, I met someone. Online of all places. Despite my jaded view of internet dating, this summer while my son was at camp, I met a woman I liked. A lot. Not because she was hot, which … Continue reading

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How To Date When You’re Feeling Down

We’ve all heard it during the past few years. A lot. “It’s been a challenging year”. So many people I know have experienced it. Friends, clients, family, friends of friends, women I’ve met online, whatever it is…it’s in the air … Continue reading

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A trip to the supermarket: Pick me up some MILF

It’s Friday night, and you need food. You ask yourself, “Do I really want to deal with going to the market? Maybe I’ll order in instead.” Seriously? Unless you have a smoking hot girlfriend waiting at home wearing a little … Continue reading

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Great Expectations: How to manage yours (and hers) online

It happens to all of us. We join a dating site with high hopes. We’ve heard about so many people finding someone great online. We even have friends that have girlfriends or boyfriends they’ve met that way. It seems to … Continue reading

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Porn Lesson

This is going to be a fun one. Okay, where do I start… I started seeing a girl recently who’s younger than I am. I mention this upfront because I believe it has direct influence on the story. I mean, … Continue reading

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