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AskJustin: Communicating in online dating & judging the first date

Ask Justin Bird
So what's a good opening email when messaging someone on online dating? I can never think of anything to say besides Hey how are you? Brooke, Oxford, Miss.
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AskJustin: Mixing business and pleasure & watching the game with your guy

Whew, I’m excited! The questions have been pouring in so thank you for all of the questions.  I will be answering a couple questions per week; unfortunately I cannot answer all of them.
How do I get business without putting out? I work in a sales role where my typical client is a middle-aged wealthy arrogant male. The industry is known for being a boys club and if you’re a female rep clients often expect more than just the product you’re offering if you want their business. How does an intelligent and professional female in the industry get business without lowering her standards? Read more

Here to help, just Ask Justin!

Ask Justin Bird
Have you ever sat down for dinner with a group of friends and as soon as everyone started to order, you instantly felt sorry for the waiter? Between substitutions, special requests and temperature requirements- people are very specific about what they want just for dinner. So it should come as no surprise to you that when it comes to dating, people can be just as picky if not more complicated. Read more