5 Things Patti Stanger Has Taught Me About Business and Love


There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to tell you all of the amazing things I think and feel about Patti Stanger! I was lucky enough to know her towards the beginning of my career and the launching of her Millionaires Club, and let me tell you, I am not surprised one iota by the immense success she has had and the career she has built for herself.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a matchmaker, and not everyone has what it takes to be a successful business owner. Patti has managed to master both.

In honor of her great success, and the amazing mentor she has been to me, I thought I would share some of the most important things I have learned from her over the years with you, my readers!

1. Not all matchmaking business models are created equal:

Patti recognized early on that that there were multiple ways she could model her matchmaking business, and not all of them were going to be successful in terms of profit and growth. If you are interested in becoming a matchmaker I recommend talking to others in the business, and coming to one of our trainings. During these trainings we discuss the many matchmaking business model options in depth, and you can learn which would be best for you—and the one Patti and I found success with!

2. Stay on top of people who reach out to you:

When someone inquires about your matchmaking services a true professional recognizes immediately that it means they are looking for help. They wouldn’t be asking if there were not sincerely interested in the service you are offering. If they would be a good potential client, then have them come to your office ASAP.  If they delay making an appointment, stay on them after this preliminary inquiry! Follow up; check in on how their search for love is going, and work to understand their needs and how you can help them. Patti never misses a beat when it comes to following up and engaging truthfully with a potential client. This is why so many singles are eager to work with her.

3. Do the legwork:

When it comes time to find someone a match, follow a lead, or look for new singles for her database, Patti never sits back with her feet up on her desk. She taught me early on that you have to be proactive for your clients and get out there to find them what they are looking for. Clients put their trust in you as their matchmaker and have confidence that you will find someone that they could have a great connection with. Patti always keeps this knowledge and their best interest in the forefront of her mind. She works for her clients—always.

4. Don’t beat around the bush:

As you all know from watching her on TV, Patti can be aggressive. She tells it like it is. Some critics believe it comes off as a bit too much, but let me tell you it does not pay to beat around the bush. There is no time! I learned from Patti that above all else we need to help our client achieve success, and sometimes an open and honest conversation has to happen before they are ready to start dating successful. If their matchmaker won’t step up to the plate and have that conversation with them, then who will?

5. Rock the CEO role… or find someone who can:

Patti has an amazingly brilliant mind for business. She has created a matchmaking business model that has been replicated throughout the world. Not everyone has this keen business sense, so be honest with yourself. If you are very interested in becoming a matchmaker because you have a knack for setting up friends, and have a huge database of singles already to work with, but know nothing about how to run a business, partner up with someone who can help you with the business side! Not ready to take on a career in matchmaking as our fulltime job, perhaps starting out part time is best for you. Recognize your strengths, and run with them.

Matchmaking can be a tough business, but if you do it right, put in the work at the beginning to build a healthy, ethical and profitable business, matchmaking can be the best career you could ever hope to be a part of.  So if you think you have what it takes, join our mission to “Spread the Love” locally and around the world!

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