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The Ugly Truth: Why Some Men Date Younger Women

Young And OldWhen you read what I’m about to write, it may create a shitstorm in your mind.

But I want you to pay attention to one specific word in that title – why some men date younger women.

I don’t want you to allow your female mind to say all men; I want you to actually read each word as it’s being presented to you and realize there are going to be some men that date younger women.

What I’m about to tell you is definitely going to piss you off.

What I’m about to tell you is something you may or may not know.

But what I’m about to tell you only refers to some men.

Does it mean that you just got the guy that dates younger women and will never date a woman his own age? No, it does not. But, it’s going to take a spectacular woman his own age to really reel him in, a very confident woman.

I’ll say this flat out – a man that dates younger women does stay because when he falls in love with her, she’s going to be far more attractive to him for a longer period of time than a woman his own age.

There, I said it.

How do you feel right now? How do you feel when a 50-year-old guy is dating a hot 30-year-old?

And he’s not dating you?

He’s dating the 30-year-old because in man talk, he knows she’s going to be hotter for a lot longer. It’s like going into a car dealership and getting a brand new BMW instead of a 1980 BMW that’s run down.

I’m not at all saying you’re a run-down BMW from 1980, but I really want to paint this picture as best as possible for you.

Men who date younger women do so because a younger woman is going to be far more attractive to them for a longer period of time. They’re going to get more years out of them, they’re going to get more use out of them, and I know everything I’m saying right now is probably pissing you off, but you need to hear it.

Some men feel that way. I’ve got a friend who’s in his sixties. The oldest woman won’t be over 45. He’s just not attracted to any woman past the age of 45. He loves youth.

Does he look youthful? Absolutely.

But he’s still in his sixties.

And he still dates younger women because he’s going to be attracted to them a lot longer and he knows it, and at least he’s being honest. So if you meet a man who’s attracted to younger women, instead of getting pissed off and instead of formulating a story that all men want to date younger women, you have to realize that some men just will. So if you meet a guy that’s attracted to younger women, you can eliminate him right away, you don’t need to get pissed off or angry, it doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful at the age that you are, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t men your own age that don’t want you. As a matter of fact, that’s your own story you’re spinning.

Some men will always date younger women. Those guys, you can eliminate. It’s just like the short guy you don’t want to date or the bald guy you may not want to date or the guy you’re not most attracted to – you eliminate him, he feels eliminated and he goes off into the distance.

Some men just like to date younger women because they want them to be more beautiful for an extended period of time, because beauty is extremely important to them. It’s one of the most important things when they look at a woman; it’s how they stay attracted to a woman, and it’s not that you’re not beautiful.

It’s just you’re not beautiful to him. And when it comes down to attraction, we all deserve to be with somebody who finds us beautiful. Who finds us sexy. Who finds us vibrant. Who finds us alive and amazing.

So don’t get pissed; don’t get angry. It’s just the way life is. Some men are not going to be attracted to women their own age.

Some men are simply attracted to young beautiful women.

Deal with it. Be okay with it. Don’t create a story that all men are like this, because it’s not true.

Just like some men are attracted to women that are tall.

And some men are attracted to women that are short.

Some men love women with big breasts.

And some men love women with small breasts.

You don’t see big-breasted women walking around angry saying, “I can’t believe that this man only likes small breasted women.”

You don’t hear conversations like that at all. But all you ever hear are conversations about age and about how men are attracted to younger women.

Once again, some men. Hopefully I got through to you on this. That some men are attracted to younger women for the reason that I mentioned above. Or for another reason that makes sense to them.

Don’t allow it to ruin your dating life, and don’t think that there’s not a beautiful amazing man for the beautiful woman that you are. It’s all about how you look at things.


3 Responses to The Ugly Truth: Why Some Men Date Younger Women

  1. Chantal Heide says:

    Hi Patti 🙂 I always look at the evolutionary side of behaviours too, and when I thought about this a while back and asked myself “why?” here’s what I turned up… remember that 7 year itch we talk about so much? It’s an urge to seek out a stronger mate once the offspring we’ve produced and raised gains a reasonable level of independence. In today’s world we can’t imagine a 7 year old fending for itself, but when we were cavemen and cavewomen 7 meant smart enough to eat the right foods and know what was too dangerous to approach. So back then, that meant time to make another baby and perpetuate the species. By seeking a stronger mate the next time around, and yes, that often meant younger, we ensure a strong gene pool (we all know genes degenerate with time, and procreation in our later years poses some risks), so choosing a younger mate meant a greater chance of survival for the offspring.
    What I’m saying is, yes we look for someone more attractive, but fundamentally we’re driven by our procreation instincts to seek someone with a stronger set of genes.
    Much love!! I watched your show for years!!
    xo Chantal Heide
    Canada’s Dating Coach

  2. I'm The Batman says:

    I used to date only “age appropriate” partners. “Age appropriate” is woman-speak for “women your own age”. I used to actually listen to this, and think it was “wrong” to date women much younger, and that it was “right” to date women my own age.

    After a while I learned what was really going on; older women are trying to shame men and make men feel bad for naturally wanting younger women. Because it’s in older women’s interest that men date older women. Because if men did what they REALLY wanted, and went after younger women – these older women, who already have it hard enough as is, would find it much harder to date.

    I dated a few younger women and I realized: There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m not a “predator” or “taking advantage’ – these younger women want me just as much as I want them!

    I’m in my mid 30’s now. I am currently dating a woman who just turned 18 a few months ago. I’m having a lot of fun. She keeps me up to date on all the new trends and developments; I get to mentor her and guide her in life. And the sex? Oh man out of this WORLD. She’s so eager to experiment and explore. Women my own age have SO MUCH baggage with sex. “My party days are over! No more BJs/kinky sex sorry, you should love me for me and not the sex.” YAWN. They also have other baggage – children from past relationships, debt, on psyche meds, friends with ex’s on Facebook, super demanding, trying to change me, BABY RABIES, must get married now! etcetc. I just don’t want to deal with it.

  3. Sue Evans says:

    Hahahahahaha How patronising!! Seriously what a load of b**shit! And how many times does he need to repeat the same tired lines. And who wants a man who thinks of finding love as going to the car dealership and finding a car that will “give him more years worth” hahaha,,, it’s hilarious. Attraction to a person is more than just the physical aspect…. sometimes the emotional overrides the physical – it’s that certain something you can’t put your finger on…quite frankly any man who thinks in the mysogynistic and shallow way that this man describes most women would be able to sniff him out a mile away and want nothing to do with him

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