Here’s the deal: There’s a time and a place for casual sex

casual sex relationship
Every woman needs to clear out the pipes once in a while. If you’re not ready for a relationship, casual sex can work. It’s called "friends with benefits" for a reason -- you like the guy, there’s a physical attraction and you have fun together. The benefit is the easy, unattached sex without the regular needs and requirements of a relationship. It’s an arrangement that can be great for those who don’t want to sleep with multiple partners in order to get a little action. It’s all the fun and play without the deeper needs of a relationship... in a perfect world. Read more

Summer flings: Can you handle it?

The pros and cons of summer flings
Blame it on Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee from Grease -- or virtually any other Hollywood summer fairytale that has all of us wired to love (and long for) a fun summer fling. After all, a season that combines gorgeous, shimmery skin and simple clothing with warm weather and fun outdoor fetes practically begs us to plant a kiss on someone. Read more

Paddle balls: Breaking up and making up

Makin' Love with Rachel and Destin
Back and forth. Back and forth. The never-ending cycle of breaking up and making up and breaking up again is almost always a bad idea. Here’s the thing and the rule of thumb -- there’s a reason why you broke up in the first place. Why would you want to go back? Fellas: No matter how great the sex was, is it worth the drama? Ladies: No matter how much you don’t want to be alone, do you really want the zero over the future hero? Read more

Makin’ Love with Rachel and Destin: Get to know us

Makin' Love with Rachel and Destin
We are so happy to be here! You all know us as Patti’s left and right hand on Millionaire Matchmaker, but did you know that we are also the bread and butter in the REAL business, Millionaire's Club?! Yes, we not only help run the company, but we also have clients of our very own and are TRUE matchmakers. How do you like them apples?! Read more

Hiring an escort: Yay or nay?

The Wedding Date and male escort services
Who wouldn't hire the swift and sexy Dermot Mulroney to sweep you off your feet? Lucky for Debra Messing's character, their business arrangement blossomed into true love. BUT -- yes there is a "but" -- even if you're as beautiful and talented as Debra, it doesn't mean you'll find your own Dermot. So, should you order in a man? Read more

“Help! I need to de-stress & forget about my ex!”

Forget about an ex!
Breaking up is hard to do; I’ve gone through it myself. Get past the breakup and the stress by deleting his phone number and stop following him on social networks. Even if he’s busted up about the end of your relationship, chances are he’s going to post about his boys' nights on Facebook. Nobody likes an ending, especially the death of hopes and dreams of forever. After heartbreak, you need to regroup. Purging him from your life sets the motion to move on. Read more