Beauty and style items you can feel good about buying

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, these are products you’ll feel good about buying — and you'll look great too.

1. Love Quotes scarves

These scarves are a celebrity favorite and are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. They are heavenly to travel with but substantial enough to keep you warm and cozy. I practically live in mine. And I love the fact that 10 percent of net profits are donated to international children’s charities. Read more

Stop sweating! You can survive the holidays still single

It’s the most wonderful time of the year... if you’re in a couple! I know, the holidays can be rough when you’re single. I’ve been there. Many times. One year I was so bummed, I binge ate enough Ben & Jerry’s that I was pretty sure kids were going to start thinking I was Santa! But guess what? I made it through that holiday season and so many more. Single girl, you can survive the holidays too. Here’s how. Read more

How to avoid a diet meltdown over the holidays

Every year I remind myself to eat healthy during the holiday season. I made it through Halloween with collateral damage, but it wasn't a complete disaster.  Of course, we all have our own definition of collateral damage, mine being “approximately six peanut butter cups.”  In any case, I made it into late November relatively unscathed, and then, suddenly, we came upon that four-day weekend synonymous with over-eating, black Friday and football (in no particular order). Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pumpkin pie in Dallas, so I decided to eat 3/4 of an entire pie afterward but not until I had a giant piece of stromboli first.  It’s a good thing I chased it all down with diet Coke, no less than 20 of them.  This wasn’t just a bad diet weekend — this was the equivalent of a diet nuclear meltdown! Read more

Just ask Glynis: “Will my new relationship work?”

Hi Glynis, I recently got married to a wonderful man named Shane (03/03/1982). He is such a blessing in my life. He's great with my three children and is helping me raise them as if they were his own. My first marriage was at times awful. I'm sure our numbers were not good together. His name is Andy (01/18/1966), and I am Stacy (11/06/1971). Can you please give me some insight on this? Thanks, Stacy Read more

Cook your honey an aphrodisiac holiday meal with these ingredients

Holidays are a time when family seems to be at the center of mealtime, and relationships can accidentally get left on the back burner. Well, PattiKnows readers, let's make the effort to move our pots around for a night and cook our honey a special meal during the holidays. And why not super-charge the sexiness of this romantic meal by using aphrodisiacs as ingredients? While there’s no hard and fast science behind aphrodisiacs actually leading to actual increased sex drive, I say it sure can’t hurt. So here are some aphrodisiacs and some quick ideas on how to cook them up. Read more

10 Small ways to spread some extra holiday joy

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. Just a bit of your time or a few dollars from your pocket can completely make someone’s day, week or month! Remember: The karma police are always on patrol. Counting to 10, here are some cute ways to make someone smile. 1. Slip a Starbucks gift card into your mailbox for your mail carrier. If you don’t know his or her name, simply draw a smiley face and write, “Happy Holidays!” Read more