10 tips for giving a great blow job

top 10 tips for giving a great blow job
I know, you already know how to give a blow job. I used to think so too when I first started my career as a sexologist. Then I talked to hundreds of men and women about their preferences and techniques. I was still pretty convinced I knew how to perform like a champ, but then I met Conner Habib, a gay man who happens to do porn (listen to my podcast with Conner Habib here). If anyone knows how to give a blow job it’s going to be a gay porn star. Here’s some of my advice, Conner’s advice, and all the advice I’ve received from my Sex with Emily listeners combined into one glorious blow job. Read more

5 Ways to seduce him

5 ways how to seduce him
I know what it’s like to be several months or years into a relationship and feel like that zip-zap-zoom has dwindled down a blip-bleep-bloop. It’s tough to keep the sexy factor up there when the everyday-life-factor is in there. Who feels sexy when you see your dude accidentally put on his tighy-whiteys backwards every morning? Well, no matter where you are in your relationship, here are five ways you can seduce your man and crank up that sexy factor for the night. Read more

#AskPatti: Mixed signals, long distance & meeting the kiddos

Ask Patti Stanger
Hello, hello! Reading your #AskPatti questions on Twitter is a real highlight of my week. I wish I could answer them all! Alas, I’m just one woman with one keyboard and one really busy schedule. So I can’t do all of them. But, I am going to try to answer as many as I can this week. Welcome to #AskPatti: Rapid Fire Edition! Read more

The Happy Sad

facebook relationship status changed to single
Well here we are folks, October. In most cities, when the seasons change they are usually marked by the turning of leaves, cooler weather or people wearing more layers. In West Hollywood, the change of seasons is marked by gay men switching from tank tops to deep v-neck t-shirts, beaches to tanning beds and starvation to eating. It brings me great pleasure to know that all the ab-flaunting guys in the city get a break and can finally eat a meal with out fear of an impromptu pool party! But just as I begin to breath a sigh of relief, several status updates on Facebook begin to string together a different story. “Is now Single” is the status updates on a few walls. Read more

“Men don’t like making commitments!”

woman upset about her man not committing
I keep hearing this ridiculous statement spouted by bitter women all around the globe, and it drives me nuts.  If men don’t like commitment, why are so many men in a committed relationship? I hate blanket stereotypes like this one. In all my years as a dating and relationship expert, the only women I hear say these kinds of things have been hurt in the past. Most of them have a grudge against men in general. Read more

3 Steps To Dating Success: Overcoming Dating Obstacles

dating obstacles list
Last week I outlined the top 10 dating obstacles that my clients face. This week, let’s talk about how I work with them to overcome these challenges. Here is where my job as not only a matchmaker, but as a coach kicks in.  Remember, a matchmaker is more than someone who sets singles up on dates. A major aspect of the job is to support and coach clients every step of the way-- including before the dating process begins. Read more