You’ll find love when you least expect it…or will you? Part 2

A couples holds hands on the beach finding love where they least expected it
In my last blog I wrote about how love won’t necessarily come find you, so put yourself in situations to maximize your chances of meeting a potential partner. Although your surroundings are important, you also have to prepare yourself in order to meet someone. One of the questions that I ask my single clients in their quest for love is: Do you believe that you deserve to have a good and loving relationship? What is your answer? If you expect good treatment and believe you deserve respect, you will get it; if you don’t, then you won’t. You’ll be much more likely to put up with bad or disrespectful behavior if that’s all you think you’re worthy of or that you won’t find anyone better. I have worked with many singles who, at their core, didn’t believe that they deserved a great relationship. So when they met someone who was drama-free and actually nice, they thought, “She is too good for me” or “This is too easy, how can this nice guy like me?” and ended any possibility of a relationship. Read more

How to Stay Young Without Going Under the Knife

A woman gets botox injections
Not ready to go under the knife? Well you’re in luck. Having plastic surgery isn’t the only option when it comes to achieving a more youthful appearance. In fact, at Aesthetic Enhancements by Dr. Armando Soto, it’s a common occurrence for a patient to come in for a surgery consultation with Dr. Soto, only to be recommended for a non-invasive procedure with yours truly, or even a skin care treatment with our medical Aesthetician. Read more

5 ways to make your woman smile for cheap

JeT'aime cocktail ring
Hello, my men. I know you’re on here too and I also know that men are always looking for little ways to make their women feel special. And nowadays, everyone’s trying to save money. So, I thought of five really easy and completely affordable ways for you to make your woman smile and come off looking like a total Prince Charming. You’re welcome! Read more

No Sex Without Self Love

Woman looks in the mirror in order to learn to love herself
I am a 22 year old millennial dating in a world where communication is not valued, break ups happen via text, and your relationship is not official unless you’re FBO. (Facebook official) On my radio program, The Chelsea Krost Show, we have talked about everything regarding love, sex, orgasms, and relationships. Interestingly enough, there is always a recurring pattern that each expert stresses as the key to having a healthy relationship. Read more

Dealing with being blow off

Frustrated woman deals with being blown off
Dealing with a blow off is never fun. We’ve all been there and often the worst blow off comes from a guy. As women, we believe that we should have the power because we have the pussy. But that’s not always the case. I’ve been blown off one too many times and have come across a few gems from a few assholes. Here are my top three blow offs: Read more

Are You Just A Booty Call?

Do you have men calling or texting you during the night asking you to talk dirty? Are you actually in a relationship with these guys, or are they just “friends?” If you’re not dating them, you’ve become nothing more than a booty call. You’re nothing but the female voice he calls when he’s on his own, and feels horny. He could watch porn, but tonight feels like some real interaction with a woman. Lucky you! Read more