How to Cover a Hickey with Makeup

Did date night go so well that you are left with a party favor? Have a 9 a.m. board meeting and need to cover up that love bite? Have no fear, follow these easy steps on how to cover that dreaded hickey before your mom, boss or friends see it. Be sure to check at the video below! Read more

#AskPatti: How To Get Over A Guy Who Keeps Contacting You

Ask Patti Stanger
Ugh, ugh, ugh. Let me tell you something—I can relate to this and I’m pretty sure that all women can. This situation is annoyingly common. Some douche dumps you because he’s a douche and then he won’t leave you alone to heal because he’s a double douche. Here are my steps for how to move on from this double dip of douchedom. Read more

How Do I Get Out of the “Friend Zone?”

the highway to the friend zone


"Hoping you can help Lisa. I have been putting myself out into the dating scene a lot these past couple of months and have met some really great women. The problem is, after a few great dates most of the women I meet tell me that they think we would be better off as friends. I'm sick and tired of being stuck in the friend zone. How do I get out of there?!" 

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Can Career-Minded Women Find Love?

Can Career-Minded Women Find Love?
Are you a career-minded woman? Do you run a successful business, own your condo, and drive a nice car? You’re successful in all areas of your life, except when it comes to dating. How come you can have so much abundance, and still find it hard to attract men? Here’s the thing… There are still a bunch of old-fashioned guys out there who are very intimidated by powerful women. You earn more money than they do, you drive a nicer car than they do, and you live in a bigger house than they do. Should these things bother them? Probably not. So what’s their problem? Is it that these guys are just male chauvinists who think a woman’s place is in the home? Read more

10 tips for giving a great blow job

top 10 tips for giving a great blow job
I know, you already know how to give a blow job. I used to think so too when I first started my career as a sexologist. Then I talked to hundreds of men and women about their preferences and techniques. I was still pretty convinced I knew how to perform like a champ, but then I met Conner Habib, a gay man who happens to do porn (listen to my podcast with Conner Habib here). If anyone knows how to give a blow job it’s going to be a gay porn star. Here’s some of my advice, Conner’s advice, and all the advice I’ve received from my Sex with Emily listeners combined into one glorious blow job. Read more

5 Ways to seduce him

5 ways how to seduce him
I know what it’s like to be several months or years into a relationship and feel like that zip-zap-zoom has dwindled down a blip-bleep-bloop. It’s tough to keep the sexy factor up there when the everyday-life-factor is in there. Who feels sexy when you see your dude accidentally put on his tighy-whiteys backwards every morning? Well, no matter where you are in your relationship, here are five ways you can seduce your man and crank up that sexy factor for the night. Read more