The Best Toys for Men & Women

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That sucks, baby: Less stress, better talk time

Couple laughs and talks easing their stress
Crap happens. A coworker pisses you off, you have an important deadline looming, and your family is driving you crazy. Of course you want to turn toward your partner for support and comfort. How a couple handles non-relationship stressors can help make or break their relationship. Read more

5 Non-Invasive Treatments You Should Think About Now

woman undergoes a non-invasive treatment
Even here in sunny Florida, it’s been a cold and wet winter.  I can’t even imagine what those of you more north are going through!  Not that I am trying to wish my life away, but one way I personally like to beat the winter blues is to start working toward bathing suit season. Summer is a time when we can shed all of those extra layers, dare to bare some skin and soak up all of that glorious Vitamin D (while protecting our skin with the appropriate SPF, of course).  So, in addition to the benefit of the endorphins released with that ramped up exercise program, here are 5 sure-fire treatments to have you feeling happier and more confident no matter what’s going on outside! Read more

5 Things single girls wish you’d stop saying to them

Girl covers her mouth
Hello my single girls and people who talk to them. Being single isn’t easy. Period. That’s  a fact. I truly believe that everyone is put on this planet to find love. And when you haven’t found your special someone, it can be an icky feeling. What makes it worse is well-meaning people saying completely annoying things to you that make you feel even more single. In an effort to make life for single girls more tolerable and to stop you well-meaning coupled people from saying the wrong thing accidentally, I collected the top five most annoying things single girls are sick of hearing. Read more

Body Shock: I Feel Ugly And Unsexy

Woman feels ugly on the outside
Do you secretly hate the way you look? Do you look in the mirror and despise the woman looking back at you? Do you believe men don’t find you attractive? So many women struggle with self-image problems it’s untrue. I hear it all the time, and it really makes me sad. I don’t care whether you’re overweight, whether you’re short, whether you’re breasts hang by your knees, whatever, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Read more

Are you Typecast when it comes to Dating?

David Cruz and Patti Stanger
Oh Los Angeles, sometimes I simply love you and sometimes I just can’t help but loathe you. When I first set up camp in LA I made every effort to say I wasn’t of those “actors” or “models” hustling their way through the trenches of casting calls, auditions and headshots. I was an independent – free of the great big LA cattle call. But even as I fought tooth and nail to stay clear of the “Hollywood” lifestyle- my dating life seemed to be mirroring just that. Every date seemed to be just like a casting call and every suitor seemed like he could be the “ big break” relationship I was longing to score. Read more