How to dress professionally and still be sexy

Sexy wrap dress
Even though I'm in the business of love, I think it's important to dress like a powerhouse. I love my business, and I want to represent it well -- I want to be taken seriously in my workplace, but I also want to show my personality because god knows I have a lot of it! I totally believe you can change your mood by dressing for the best, and I’ve found a nice balance of clothes that portray me as a successful entrepreneur and still give me the sexy edge a working woman deserves. Here's some of my fave brands that get the job done: Read more

Just ask Glynis: “Should they get married?”

Hi Glynis, My daughter keeps going back and forth about whether or not to marry this guy. They are engaged, a date has been set and invitations have gone out. She doesn't call it off exactly - she has sent me a few texts out of nowhere late at night saying, "I don't think I can do this." Lots of feelings rise up in me when she does this: anger, frustration and depression. I have ignored these and it seems to pass. I am hoping it's just last minute jitters. Her name is Erica and his is Tom. Her birth date is December 15, 1983 and his is October 17, 1984. Do you see this working out? Thanks, Katrina Read more

Is baking the way to a man’s heart?

Is the way to a man’s heart really through his stomach?  My answer is, kind of! You see, men are just like women in some ways -- They want to know that we care about them. If you’ve got a good man on your hands, he really just wants to know that he’s important to you. Does that mean if you bake him cookies, he will fall into your arms? No. Does it mean that a little goes a long way? Yes. So, here are 5 super cute and super small ways to show that you care. And for the men: This list totally works both ways. If you bake sweets for a women, she'll know you've got the hots for her. Read more

Hey, you can be fabulous at any age!

On Saturday I'll be on-air for ShopNBC to talk about how I lost my weight. I just turned 51 and I'm a true proponent to your 50s being fabulous. So, let me tell you, I've embarked on a journey to focus on myself (which you'll see on Millionaire Matchmaker) and I'm in the best shape of my life. It's only getting better from here and I'm so excited to share everything with you guys! You can tune in to ShopNBC August 18th at 3pm, 4pm, 7pm or 8pm. That's central time! It's important to take control of your life and your relationships -- and getting a great body can be the first step -- so I'll be talking about how my life has changed, why I feel 50 and fabulous, and how you can too! You've gotta watch! See you then! P.s. xoxo

Finding the perfect roommate

Sometimes having a roommate means living with your best friend and always having a partner in crime. For those less fortunate, having a bad roommate will ruin your home life. I've had both. The best one was my childhood friend, Carley. We lived together during our sophomore year of college and both brought our horses to school with us. Aside from that, we had varying schedules so we weren’t always on top of each other. And my worst roommate? I’ll leave her name out, but she had a dog she didn’t bother house training, along with a live-in boyfriend. I’ve had roommates in Pullman, New York and LA, some of which I knew and others I didn’t. Here are a few things I recommend that you consider when searching for your next roommate. Read more

10 things to love about men

The truth is that men do so much more than leave the toilet seat up and for how much heat we give them, I think it’s time to point out the positive. After all, I did make a career of helping out the men. So, just to remind womankind about what’s so awesome our guys, I cooked up a little list of 10 reasons I love men. In no particular order… Read more