Patti Stanger’s birthday party: Inside the swag bag

Patti Stanger's birthday party
When we started planning a birthday party for Patti, we knew there had to be a swag bag that went above and beyond. The guests are in for a treat -- these uncensored swag bags are right up Patti's alley and will make you laugh out loud. Read more for a sneak peak at what celeb attendees will receive at tonight's bash. Read more

Patti can have her cake and eat it, too!

Charm City Cakes West which is the creative bakery behind TLC's Ace of Cakes, made a custom five-tier cake, complete with all the best Patti-sims, just for Patti Stanger's Birthday Bash tonight. A Fine Frenzy will perform a rendition of "Happy Birthday" to Patti while she cuts into the gluten-free red velvet confection. Read more for delicious details on this kick-ass 3-foot-tall cake. Read more

5 Love lessons that I’ve learned from Patti

Patti's assistant recalls her best love lessons from Patti
Dear Patti, My birthday wish for you is to meet your soulmate -- a man of integrity who shares your spirituality and passion for life! Love, Patia P.S. -- Here are five love lessons and five of my best memories of you. Thanks for always being there! Read more

Happy birthday, Patti! 5 Celeb matches from us

Patti with her staff Rachel and Destin at their wedding
Patti has been a part of our lives for nearly ten years now. She is a friend, a confidant and, honestly, family. We love her to death and we want nothing but magic and happiness for her. We wish Patti a very special happy birthday with all the love in our hearts. Big kiss and tequila shots on us! Here, in honor of her birthday, is our gift of five celebrity matches. They’re in the mail, Patti, wearing nothing but bows! Read more

It’s my juicy goosey Birthday Bash! Ready to celebrate?

Patti Stanger's Birthday Party
Koi Restaurant in Los Angeles is hosting my birthday bash tonight, and my team and I are ready to get juicy goosey! A Fine Frenzy and DJ B. Hen will be churning out some sick beats just for me and my fabulous friends. My staff will be covering all the highlights and keep you updated with live coverage throughout the night. You'll also be able to check out some behind-the-scenes goodies from my party on Millionaire Matchmaker Season 6. Until then, tune into our coverage on PattiKnows. We're always updating! Click below to watch the live stream to tonight's party. Read more

Bright eyes that will reel him in

Patti Stanger on how to reel him in with your eyes
Men fall in love with what they see, and one of the first things they’ll notice when they meet you is your bright eyes. They signal fun, playfulness, energy and vitality. If you’re saddled with a nine-to-five and feeling anything but fun and energetic, then you can still brighten your eyes to reel him in. Men may not fall in love until after your first date, but a sexy pair of headlights will have him lusting for you, no doubt. Read more