How to approach Women (or Men!)

a man flirts with a woman at a bar

Dear Emily,

How do I approach women? Growing up in SF during the seventies was not great for a man’s sense of masculine self, hearing what “pigs” men are. I choke all the time, even when I know a woman is into me…It’s like the Clockwork Orange treatment. Thanks, George Read more

Why You Love Chocolate and He Loves Bacon

Bacon and chocolate
Is our biology, more specifically our gender, responsible for our food cravings? Are women programmed to reach for a chocolate truffle or a candy bar, while men are wired for chicken wings? Scientific research has provided some hypotheses and a few studies, but for now this is what we know for sure: the differences between men and women probably have less to do with physiology and more to do with our early access to various foods. And by early access, I mean early—as in caveman days. According to David Katz, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, our modern-day preferences can be explained by evolution. Read more

Introduction to the Fountain of Beauty

I want to look the very best I can, while not getting taken for a ride and staying safe along the way…. I think this is a pretty fair assessment of most healthy women’s goals for looking their best with the passage of time- but the world as it is presents several questions that can make choosing a path to these goals more than a bit frustrating: Read more

Attention single girls: 4 ways to date more in 2014

a couple on a date in 2014
Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to my single ladies! This one’s for you! If you’re single, please make one of your New Year’s resolutions to date more. That’s right—just date more. Not find a serious relationship or “the one.” Get out there, meet people and have fun without putting expectations on what you’ll to find. Here’s how to do it. Read more

5 Dangerous Signs He’s Cheating On You

Man in bed cheating with another woman
The last thing you want to admit is that the guy you love is cheating on you, but sometimes there are signs you just can’t ignore. So what are the signs you should be looking out for? Is it all about new aftershaves and haircuts, or are there more subtle things to keep an eye on. Here are just 5 of those signs… Read more

#AskPatti: Talking future, finding love in a wheelchair, friends with benefits & more!

Ask Patti Stanger
Happy New Year! How’s 2014 treating you, my loves? So far, so great for me! I really believe that the first few moments of the year set the tone for the rest of it and I’ve been in such a positive headspace. I’m feeling awesome about what’s to come! Another thing I’m feeling awesome about, your #AskPatti questions! So, let’s dive into them! Read more