Redecorating post-breakup

Patti Stanger's assistant redecorates post breakup
I got dumped. And let’s face it, ice cream binges and drastic haircuts are never the best way to get a fresh start. That said, with the next season of Millionaire Matchmaker filming in just a few short weeks, I had to get it together. I took down our pictures, threw out his cards and called my best friend. In true Ashlynn style, she showed up with wine and a game plan. Read more

Makin’ Love with Rachel and Destin: Get to know us

Makin' Love with Rachel and Destin
We are so happy to be here! You all know us as Patti’s left and right hand on Millionaire Matchmaker, but did you know that we are also the bread and butter in the REAL business, Millionaire's Club?! Yes, we not only help run the company, but we also have clients of our very own and are TRUE matchmakers. How do you like them apples?! Read more

Hiring an escort: Yay or nay?

The Wedding Date and male escort services
Who wouldn't hire the swift and sexy Dermot Mulroney to sweep you off your feet? Lucky for Debra Messing's character, their business arrangement blossomed into true love. BUT -- yes there is a "but" -- even if you're as beautiful and talented as Debra, it doesn't mean you'll find your own Dermot. So, should you order in a man? Read more

“Help! I need to de-stress & forget about my ex!”

Forget about an ex!
Breaking up is hard to do; I’ve gone through it myself. Get past the breakup and the stress by deleting his phone number and stop following him on social networks. Even if he’s busted up about the end of your relationship, chances are he’s going to post about his boys' nights on Facebook. Nobody likes an ending, especially the death of hopes and dreams of forever. After heartbreak, you need to regroup. Purging him from your life sets the motion to move on. Read more

3 Contestants in the Millionaire Matchmaker Hall of Fame

Millionaire Matchmaker hall of fame
There was the Prince, The Self-Help Gurus and, of course, Shauna. We have seen it all come across our doorstep, driven by hopes of finding a life partner, and it’s certainly been an experience for both me and everybody on the Millionaire Matchmaker team. After five seasons, going on six, it’s hard to pick just three Hall of Fame contestants, but these three go down in history.  Read more

Get your hubby’s attention by learning to flirt again

Learn to flirt with your husband again!
Married ladies, if you want to spice up your marriage or get your husband’s attention, think back to the woman he took out on your first few dates. It can all be as simple as making it a point to look you're best whenever he’s around. Play up a favorite feature and throw on a sexy dress or a flattering pair of jeans. Get yourself into the flirting mood by bringing back your sexiness -- get some exercise, spend a little time fantasizing about him, read Fifty Shades of Grey. Whatever gets you feeling hot and attractive. Read more