Breaking Up And Staying Broken Up

breakingupBreaking up is never easy and sometimes after the tears and heart to heart conversations we don’t always stay broken up.

I think we’ve all been there and had those relationships that we just can’t seem to end even though we have a thousand valid reasons to end them. It’s so easy to get caught up in that cycle of breaking up and making up.

That’s why when you decide to leave if you want it to really stick you should try to avoid the major pitfalls we all encounter. Take it from someone who has been there and knows, one of the most noticeable differences after a breakup is how much spare time you have suddenly. Whether it’s intentional or not we end up dedicating a lot of our free time to our significant others and that can be incredibly hard to deal with after the fact. The best way to avoid having our minds stray back to the relationship we’re trying to leave and ultimately giving ourselves the time to second guess our decisions is to stay busy.

Think of this as a perfect time to pamper yourself a little, bad relationships can be incredibly draining so take some time to relax. It’s not about trying to solve world peace but rather doing some yoga and hanging out with friends. Just enough to keep you from sitting around feeling sad and eyeing your cellphone seeing if he or she has texted you back. Try to do activities like yoga that relax and calm you or maybe even running to run off some of that frustration.

This next tip might sound silly but try to avoid social media; checking his Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook won’t lead to anything good. What they’re up to should absolutely not be your main priority. You can’t let jealousy and your emotions get the best of you, sometimes our own natural curiosity is what gets us running back to our phones and to them. Plus people know that now that their exes or significant others check their accounts so don’t be surprised if they post things after the breakup to get a reaction out of you. The last thing that you want to do is end up competing with them to see who is doing the “best” out of the two of you.

Breakups can get really messy very quickly so remember just to try and take the high road and focus on yourself. Eventually that person will end up becoming either just a good memory or one of those horror stories you tell people, but whatever they end up being they’ll be in the past where they belong.