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10 things to love about men

The truth is that men do so much more than leave the toilet seat up and for how much heat we give them, I think it’s time to point out the positive. After all, I did make a career of helping out the men. So, just to remind womankind about what’s so awesome our guys, I cooked up a little list of 10 reasons I love men. In no particular order…

1. Stolen bites

Because Mother Nature is completely unfair, men can down way more calories a day than women. They’re always ordering amazing food while we chicas are stuck with steamed broccoli. So, it’s sweet when your guy gives you a bite of what’s on his plate. Sometimes a stolen fry tastes better than the ones you order yourself.

2. Easy to be babe-a-licious

Looking good for a guy is so simple, yet I find myself explaining this to my female clients time and time again. Just wear your hair down and put on something short and tight and, va-voom, your man will think you walked out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. You don’t have to sweat designers, seasons or even price tags when it comes to looking good for a guy. Such a cinch!

3. Drama free (most of the time)

When I think about my biggest problem clients, I think about my millionairesses. Woman can be a complicated bunch with our friend fights, unspoken agendas and mood swings. Men, not so much. They’re straightforward and easy to read. I absolutely love that about men, professionally and personally.

4. The special touch

Minds out of the gutter, ladies! I’m talking about when a man touches the small of your back to guide you through a door. It makes me melt every time. Is there anything more gentlemanly? Anything more classy? Anything more sexy all at once?

5. Full hands

I don’t know if this is a biological thing or what, but men love to carry things. Bags, groceries, luggage, anything. I love the chivalry of it. And my back does too.

6. Mr. Fix It

I can use super glue and duct tape just as well as any man. But there’s something really sweet about how men always want to fix things for you. From computers to kitchen sinks, men love making things work (hopefully a relationship is one of them). Even when they do a less than perfect job, the effort says so much about how they feel about you. Maybe even more than jewelry — maybe!

7. Control queen

Sure, guys wear the pants in relationships. What they don’t know is that wearing the skirt has so much more power. You choose how to cut your hair, decorate the apartment, choose the movie, and on and on. Men let you do all of that. Revel in it but give him some of the picking power, too.

8. Gifts

We ladies can shop for ourselves. And we do. But, there’s nothing then better than a gift from your man. It’s nice that men are programmed to provide. It’s in their blood to want to buy you things. All we have to do is sit back, let them be themselves and untie pretty bows.

9. Automatic daintiness

Let’s face the facts: Men are big and hairy and smell bad when they sweat. Sure, that can be kind of icky, but think about it. It’s manly. In comparison, we women are like tiny delicate flowers even on our fugliest days. It’s a great feeling when a guy treats you with just enough delicacy and chivalry, but still knows when to get a little rough around the edges.

10. Easy to please

Men are like puppies — they are easy to please. A healthy amount of sex will go a long way. If you really want to put a cherry on top, close out your love sesh with a meal he loves and sports on the television — he’ll be in heaven. I wish I were that easy to please!

Let’s show the men some love here. Post your man love in the comments and we’ll see how big we can get this list.


4 Responses to 10 things to love about men

  1. Angela Watson says:

    My hubby David writes me & our daughters sweet notes before he leaves for work if we are still sleeping. He has also taken us to every Twilight movie.
    Sometimes he shops better for clothes for our teen than I do!

  2. Denise says:

    Great article, perfectly stated…thanks for the reminder about how great men can be!

  3. Neinei says:

    It’s nice to know that you can be direct and blunt with men, no guessing around and dealing with signals.
    It’s also nice that men don’t really care what our hobbies are as long as we’re happy, and they also don’t dwell on problems for hours, days, and weeks like we do, which gives us a nice shoulder to lean on.

  4. Asad khan says:

    Thanks for saying nie things about men.i reciprocate.

    “Best way to a mans heart is through the stomach”

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