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Wrap it Up: What His Condom of Choice Says About Him

condoms menThe kind of condom a guy rolls on when you’re about to hop into bed says a lot about him and his personality. We’ve decoded what his condom of choice means about his sexual style so you won’t be totally unprepared for what comes next.

Her Pleasure Condoms
You’ve found yourself a winner. It’s not that these condoms are even that much more pleasurable for women, but the fact that he’s already thinking about making you feel good before you hop into bed is a great sign and likely means he’ll continue to try to make you feel good throughout the act.

Bareskin Condoms
Can you blame the guy? It doesn’t mean he’s selfish if he’s thinking about his own sensitivity down there. He’s just being practical and wants all parties involved to enjoy themselves. The fact is, no guy loves wearing condoms and if this helps him keep it up longer, then by all means – go for it.

Plain Old Trojans
This is a back-to-basics, no nonsense kind of guy. He’s not necessarily into any sexual bells and whistles or creepy fetishes. You’ll probably be having a lot of missionary with this guy.

Flavored, Colored, or Glow in the Dark Condoms
This guy is a f-r-e-a-k. You’re not going to be having vanilla sex with him, that’s for sure. From the second he rolls the condom on, you know he’s going to be willing to try anything in bed that you could possibly imagine. That thing you read about in Cosmo last month that didn’t even sound physically possible? Try it with this guy, he’ll definitely be down.

Magnum or XL Condoms
If he actually needs a Magnum, good for him. And more importantly, good for you. Unfortunately, we’ve been with far too many men who use Magnum condoms who are definitely not Magnum-sized down there. Maybe it’s his own little ego boost or maybe he wants you to think it’s bigger than it actually is, but it’s like the male equivalent of a padded push-up bra. You can package it all you want to make it look more enticing, but the second we see that the real deal doesn’t measure up to what we thought we were getting, we’re just going to be disappointed.

No Condom
Run. Unless you’re already in a committed relationship with the guy, know each other’s sexual history and have an alternate form of birth control, run. Just get out of there. Do you want to be in bed with a guy that selfish? Thought so.