Women over 40, don’t give up! Love’s around the corner

Women over 40 can also find love! Hello, my lovely single ladies over 40! All of my favorite single friends are over 40 and they’re starting to get a little tired of looking for love. A few have even confessed to me that they’re thinking about giving up entirely. And if I’m being fully honest, I’ve been in that camp, too. Looking for love past 40 is certainly no walk in the park. But, it doesn’t have to be a hellacious uphill climb, either. In fact, I’m convinced that love’s right around the corner. So, I’m going to give you some pointers on how to find love when you’re a woman over 40. I’m writing this for myself, too. So, I can look back at this when I hit a dating wall and get inspired all over again.

Stop thinking there aren’t good men left

I hear this all the time from clients, friends, strangers on Twitter, everywhere! And it’s just not true! There are tons of great men that could be good matches for a fun, successful, sexy woman over 40. But, if you have a negative outlook on the state of affairs out there, you’re only going to see what you want to see. So, you need to stop thinking there aren’t any men out there. Plus, you only need one guy, right? So why are you stressing about how many there actually are. Stop focusing on what’s missing and you’ll be able to see what’s there.

Be open

You’re in your forties now! I found that when I turned 40, I had a whole new perspective on life and love. I was a whole lot less judgmental about things that didn’t matter and I think you should be too. So what if a guy is two inches shorter than your ideal height? If everything else is perfect about him, you have to be open to that! And flats can be pretty cute! Same thing with age and financial status. As long as you feel a true connection and spark, screw the small stuff. Let women in their thirties stress about that!

Be your best you

Take time for yourself, sister. A lot of time. Work out, meditate, go to therapy. Take care of yourself if you want to find a man! Look, when you’re dating, you’re basically auditioning for the role of taking care of your man. (And he’s audition for the role of taking care of you, too!) If you’re not taking good care of yourself, why would a guy think you could take good care of him?

Enjoy it

Dating is annoying, boring and defeating, sure. But, it’s also fun! It’s trying new places, meeting different people and learning a lot about yourself. Focus on the fun parts of it and you’ll be able to enjoy it. Nothing attracts an amazing man more than an amazing attitude.

Good luck out there, my 40+ foxes! Know that I’m right there with you in the dating pool! So, expect a lot more helpful advice on how to make dating above 40 work for you!