Who will Patti date next? Hints here!

Patti StangerAs you all know, I’m single again. And I’m really excited to be single. I’m not going to lie, though. It took some work to get to a positive place about my single status. I’m focusing a lot on how fantastic my life is and how much I have to share with someone special instead of dwelling on the past. And I honestly do have a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to! As part of my quest to remain positive and forward-thinking, I’ve consulted a lot of experts for insight and advice. One of my favorite experts is Aaron Hopkins, a certified astrologer. Let’s see what he has to say!

Based on your astrology expertise, what type of man and what signs should I be looking for in my next long-term partner? 

You need a man who knows what he wants and acts on it. No wishy washy stuff. (My note: Um, I could not agree more! Bring it, Aaron!) With your Venus in Aries, Mars in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius, as well as your seventh house cusp, a fire sign might work well. I don’t really like to make Sun sign generalizations, but an Aries man would work nicely with your Venus. The only issue is that sometimes Aries can show excitement early on but the flame can burn out after a little while. A Sagittarius would fit with your seventh house and Moon. But, another warning: Some of them are allergic to commitment. It all depends on the rest of their charts. So, that leaves Leo as far as fire signs are concerned. You need romance and someone who’s as passionate as you are and Leo is all about that! Being a fixed sign, he may also have more staying power. It might be best to find one who doesn’t have Venus in Virgo though. Sorry Virgo!

My other choice would be another air sign. Just a couple words of caution there. Libra can vacillate and that may frustrate you. Again, we want a decisive man for you. Aquarius may be a little too cool and detached. It all depends on his other placements though – his rising sign, Moon, Venus and Mars, as well as his other aspects to your chart.

Alright, let’s get down to business. Are there any celebrities you think would be good matches for me? Hotties only please! Just kidding! (Not kidding at all!)

How about Bobby Flay? His Sagittarius Sun is exactly conjunct your seventh house cusp. The seventh house has to do with marriage, partnerships and significant others.

I would also include Matthew Perry. He’s a Leo and his Sun forms what we call a trine to your Sagittarius Moon This is a very favorable aspect in any relationship. Your Jupiter is conjunct his seventh house cusp. That would also help support the relationship. The aspects here aren’t perfect, but it has potential.

And how about another Leo? Sean Penn would be on my list for you as well. He’s got a nurturing Cancer Moon (yes, really) and his Ascendant is 16º Sagittarius, which is close to your seventh house cusp. He does have Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini so it wouldn’t be easy, but you’ve got Venus in Aries. So, you’re up for the challenge!

Casper van Dien would be another good choice. He has a Sagittarius Sun and Moon and his Sun is exactly conjunct your Moon in your seventh house. His Moon opposes your Sun, an aspect often seen in marriages. (My note: Did some research and found out Casper is married. Oh well. Still good to know about what sun and moons to look for!)

And finally, Liam Neeson. Yes, he’s another Gemini, but his Moon is Sagittarius and so is his Ascendant, in fact just like Sean Penn’s it’s conjunct your 7th house cusp.

Not a shabby list, Aaron! Thanks so much for all of this insight. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the qualities you mention. And, hey, if anyone out there has Sean Penn’s number, send it my way!

Aaron is a certified astrologer and can be reached on Twitter: @_startalk_

(Author’s note: This interview was slightly edited to be as easy to read as possible.)