What your millionaire’s new year’s resolutions say about your relationship

2018 flew by for me. I think it was all the breaking news. I was so distracted and absorbed in world events that I didn’t realize time was passing. I feel like I just looked up from my news apps and it’s suddenly a brand new year. And a new year means new year’s resolutions. New year’s resolutions can say a lot about a person, especially someone you’re dating. If you’re dating a millionaire, there are a few key things about his resolutions to be on the lookout for. Here’s what his New Year’s resolutions say about your relationship.

You don’t know them

Um, not good. You’re dating this guy, right? And want a future with him? How can you two possibly have a future if you don’t talk about your goals? And new year’s resolutions aren’t even particularly personal. Your millionaire’s assistant probably knows his resolutions, right? If you two aren’t talking about surfacey elements of the future, I don’t see good things in store for you two…as long as things stay the same. That being said, you can of course change the path your relationship’s on by digging a bit deeper with him. This may mean that you need to be the vulnerable and brave one to get things going by sharing your goals for the near and distant future. If you can make this happen – and you want to – I say go for it.

He doesn’t make them

I’m big into resolutions, so I’m obviously biased here. I’m of two minds on people who don’t make resolutions – they’re either focused on the right things or too full of themselves. If your millionaire boo thinks new year’s resolutions are a lame way to achieve self-improvement, that’s very valid. Like I said, I love them because I find them motivating and I stick to mine, but he’s right – in general, they’re over by January 2nd. As long as he’s on his own self-improvement journey separate from resolutions, I can understand what he’s saying. If he doesn’t do resolutions because he thinks he’s perfect as is, well, I’m way less into that. That feels a bit ego-maniacy and shit-don’t-stinky – which are issues that pops up pretty frequently with millionaires. Dating someone like that is a no-win situation. I say get out now.

What you’ve asked him to work on

Ok, so you two have been dating for a while, you’ve had some relationship discussions with him and you’ve suggested that he improve on things. That’s pretty ordinary. But then he goes and makes one of those things his new year’s resolution? That’s extraordinary. This guy is a keeper. He listened to your request that he stop being late or start communicating better or whatever it is and wants to be sure you feel validated. When someone’s a millionaire, they’re generally the ones giving the order and not the ones fulfilling requests. The fact that he’s fighting his usual modus operandiand pivoting to make sure you feel better in your relationship means he’s a solid dude. Keep him around, girl.

Things that could bring you closer

Some resolutions a man makes can bring you two closer. Maybe he resolves to get more into fitness because you’re super into spinning. Or if you’re a cook, he decides to be better about cleaning after dinner. Resolutions like that aren’t coincidences. Millionaires have busy schedules and if he wants carve special time out to be closer and more connected with you, then I can guarantee you two are well on your way to a happy future.

But don’t just focus on his resolutions. Think about yours, too. What do they say about your character and how seriously you’re taking this relationship? After all, resolutions, like relationships, are two way streets!