What to do when your friend is too obsessed with her man

Friend ObsessedHave you all been reading what Kanye has been tweeting about Kim recently? It’s actually very sweet. He’s been very vocal about how much he adores Kim and thinks she’s the best thing in the world. And that really warms my heart. Other folks are acting like Kanye is going overboard with his praise of Kim. I’m not in that camp, but the commentary did get me thinking about those friends that get obsessed with the man they’re dating. You know the type? She disappears and one the seldom cases you do see her, she only talks about him? Or maybe even brings him to an all girls event? And kind of turns into him? Yeah, that friend. We all have one of those. Here’s how to deal.

Try to get alone time with your friend

Do your best to get your friend alone. Book a day with her just the two of you. You can make it a special event, like a spa day at home, or just a simple brunch. When it’s just the two of you, explain that you want to spend time celebrating your friendship, so you’re banning boy talk. For the rest of the day, you two are going to talk about things that aren’t men or relationships.

Tell her how much you like the guy

Before you put the moratorium on boo talk, let her know that you like her fellow. Talk about specifically what you like about him and what you like about them as a couple. This will reassure her that you’re not anti-her man. And honestly, you’re not. You’re just concerned by how she’s disappearing into him. He’s not the issue. How she lets herself get consumed by relationships is.

Remind your friend how great she is

Sometimes women disappear into their relationships because they don’t feel confident in their own skin. So, it’s easier for them to fade into the roles of wife or girlfriend rather than just themselves. A little nudge to remind your girlfriend why she’s so fantastic on her own could be all she needs to see that herself. When you have one-on-one time with her, put a little effort into building her confidence and it could go a very long way for her…and for your relationship with her!

Good luck! This is a tough situation because on the one hand, you’re happy that your friend is so happy. But, on the other, you miss the friend you fell in love with. I know you’ll handle this well and do all the right things. Really hope this helped you figure what those steps are!