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How to help your boo with anxiety

Anxiety problems are becoming more and more part of the conversation recently and I’m totally here for it. I’m seeing bloggers, celebrities and friends all come out from the shadows and share that they have anxiety issues. There’s no shame or blame in suffering from anxiety. What’s so great about more people stepping forward to talk about their problems is that more people are realizing they could be suffering from anxiety and seeking the help they need. Awareness is so important because it helps people stop suffering in silence. Read more

How to be a good friend through a divorce

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have decided to divorce. My heart breaks for them because even though this is the right decision for them, it’s certainly not an easy one. And it really seemed like everyone talking about this divorce had that reaction—sad, heartfelt and compassionate support for the duo—which isn’t the norm in terms of Hollywood coverage. I was really heartened by that. And seeing all that appropriate coverage got me thinking about how to best address divorce with people you actually know. It’s tough to figure out how to be a good friend during this situation. So, here are some pointers. Read more

What to do when your friend is too obsessed with her man

Have you all been reading what Kanye has been tweeting about Kim recently? It’s actually very sweet. He’s been very vocal about how much he adores Kim and thinks she’s the best thing in the world. And that really warms my heart. Other folks are acting like Kanye is going overboard with his praise of Kim. I’m not in that camp, but the commentary did get me thinking about those friends that get obsessed with the man they’re dating. You know the type? She disappears and one the seldom cases you do see her, she only talks about him? Read more

How to talk about your friend’s break up

It is the summer of break ups for celebrities, huh? Gwen and Gavin. Ben and Jen. Will and Jada. And then not Will and Jada. There’s been a lot of talk of big celebrity couples ending their relationships this summer. Some of it gossip. Some of it legit. Of course the internet has exploded with information and opinions about these splits. There’s some really despicable coverage of this stuff and total privacy invasions. News like this is always hot topics for those in the public eye, but it got me thinking about how people who aren’t in the spotlight also have to deal with breakup rumors and gossip. So, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to talk about a breakup in your friend group the right way. Read more