What millionaires wish you knew on first dates

I have a ton of experience talking to millionaires about first dates. Not all millionaires are the same, obviously. They’re just like anyone else and each has their own individual quirks and desires. But, there are some general wants and feelings that overlap with every single millionaire I’ve ever worked with. Here’s a list of what millionaires wish you knew before going on a first date with them.

They’re nervous, too

First dates are nerve-wracking for everyone, no matter what tax bracket you’re in. And for some reason, many of my non-millionaire clients assume that the millionaires I set them up with are completely cool, calm and collected at all time. Millionaires are just as nervous as you are, so give them some leeway when it comes to awkwardness and first date jitters.

They want to hear about you

If you’re out with a super successful millionaire or someone who’s famous, it’s easy to spend your evening finding out as much as you can about them. After all, millionaires often have interesting stories. But, remember that this millionaire is taking you out because they want to get to know you. Showcase yourself and be sure you’re giving your millionaire an honest sense of who you are. Don’t leave them thinking of you as a reporter doing a profile on them.

They’re more than their job

Millionaires are people, too. That may seem crazy that I have to say that, but I find myself saying it often. They’re not just their family name or their job. On a date with a millionaire, do your best to get beyond those things as quickly as possible and get to know their real personality. This is a date, not an informational job interview. The fact that the person sitting across from you has a big bank account doesn’t change that at all.

They like pizza

Well, maybe not all millionaires like pizza. What I mean is that millionaires aren’t all lavish lifestyle all the time. They like normal things, too. You can talk about your not so glamorous life and a millionaire will totally relate. Order a beer after your fancy first date dinner, if that’s what you want instead of a $45 glass of wine. Just because they can afford the finer things in life doesn’t mean that they always want them, or expect you to.

They want this to work

Everyone goes into a first date hoping that it’s their last first date ever. Your millionaire is no different. They want this date to go well and they want this to turn into a relationship that works. They don’t have more power to make that happen than you do. You’re both equal and both pulling in the same direction here. Don’t assume their goals are any different than yours.

I repeat these things over and over to the people I set up with millionaires. So, hopefully this is helpful to anyone out there who’s nervous about going on a first date with a millionaire, too!