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The ‘Maninist’ movement

File 2015-06-09, 12 28 59 PMAs women hunt and men gather, are we confused? Is the unbalance of nurturer and hunter affecting our family systems? This is what I ponder as I date men confused by the lingering effects of long term marriages, that held them in sexless contracts for over a decade!

Passionless connections and crazy schedules of two parents miserable, working or rearing children in chaos and yes, more unhappiness. There is no question that “the anger” is felt on many levels in the home.

Locking down our vaginas out of exhaustion, disdain for the dysfunction that reigns most of our primary relationships is a syndrome, I believe, of carrying to much… loving ourselves to little!

One of the most imprinting bits of conversation that will stay with me, from my various dating experiences is how men of various economic circumstances and attractiveness… missed, grieved their wives NEVER touching them, in ways of love and sweetness!

I believe our universe is in transition on many levels. Yet, I was raised on the words of Oprah “when you know better, you do better”

Staying true to the essence of who we are is a lifelong relationship. Mine is largely based on an undying respect for being a woman, mother, and lover of all relationships with men. Raising boys to men I’m in awe of the strength, the softness that lingers in their kind souls! My daughter and I have declared ourselves “Maninists”

The definition of “Maninist” is that we are in support of bringing balance into the male and female roles, not as a lack of respect but an honour for the gifts that each role brings.

I’m taking accountability this year for the way I treat men and how I teach them to treat me!
The beautiful resonation that brings to my life and to the man who next holds my heart is wildly peaceful. After going this long without a partner I can tell you this… I hold a deep respect for all that is a sexually intimate commitment. So, join us in becoming “Maninists”.

We may just change the world!!!