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The Bounce Back Box


What is it? It is a unique concept that Annabel Acton, founder of Never Liked It Anyway, ( insert hyperlink) https://www.neverlikeditanyway.com created to help women that are going through break ups cope with their relationship loss. Annabel gives us some insight on her creation.

PK: Tell us about The Bounce Back Box

Annabel: The Bounce Back Box is a little box full of goodies to help you feel better after a breakup. It’s packed with all the essentials to get you back to fabulous; from lip gloss, mascara, nail polish, tea and candles to a month on match.com, lingerie wash and even a bullet vibrator!

PK: How did you come up with the concept?

Annabel: I came up with the idea because after the tears and the wine and the ice-cream, you really do need to pick yourself up and make a commitment to “Bounce Back”. I wanted to create a fun little box, full of attitude that would remind you of all the fun things in life and help boost your confidence – which is often so deflated after a breakup. I thought about what I’d want after a breakup – and the sort of thing I’d want to send my friends after they’ve had a breakup – especially if I wasn’t near them or couldn’t physically be there with them. Breakups always make you feel so low; but you know you’ll be OK. You just want to be YOU in a few months time! The Bounce Back Box is really there to accelerate that crappy bit and get you back to fabulous, faster!

At Neverlikeditanyway.com you can sell your break up baggage (things that were given to you by your ex) and buy items at a break up price (reduced). You’ll also find others telling their break up stories, how to bounce back, and fun interviews about love and dating. Check it out !