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Relationship tips you can learn from YouTubers

Do you watch YouTube? I mean, like, really watch it? Searching for a smoky eye tutorial on the rare occasions you have a black tie event is not I’m talking about. I mean subscribing to specific channels, following vloggers’ lives and seriously immersing yourself in YouTube as a social media network. YouTube’s been around for over ten years, but I’m just now getting into the medium as a serious fan. And, in watching these videos, I’ve thought of some valuable lessons YouTube can teach you about relationships.

What to do when you’re not on the same page about going public as a couple

I’m not too proud to admit that I turn to YouTube to learn to do basically everything in my life. How to curl my hair. How to make the perfect omelet. How I've actually been eating apples wrong my whole life. And after I find what I’m looking for, I’ll often find myself in a YouTube blackhole, watching vlogger after vlogger. And one thing that’s consistent about these vloggers is that they talk about the struggle of having such a public personal life and trying to date. Read more