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When should you have sex with a new guy?

I get asked about when’s the right time to have sex in a new relationships a lot. Like, A LOT a lot! It’s definitely in the top three concerns women have about dating someone new. So, you’d think that by now I’d have a short and sweet answer to tell all my girls when exactly is the right time to have sex with a new guy. Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t. It’s not a simple matter of time or a neat line up of benchmarks you need to hit. It’s a mix of a lot of different factors that can all add up to the perfect time for sex. Here are the five factors I think Read more

When To Have Sex With The New Guy You Want To Date

Without a doubt relationship-oriented single ladies have lots of questions in the early stages of dating. From what to wear on the first date to when to text him back, they want to do everything they possibly can to move things forward with the new guy they really like. Perhaps, the biggest question on their mind: When should you sleep with a guy for the first time? Read more