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Have you been Jackhammered? Why you’re not having an orgasm during sex

Q: Dear Emily,In many of your Podcasts, I’ve heard you talk about  “Jackhammer Sex”, and how men should stop doing it immediately. After hearing it for the third or fourth time, I realized something. My partner is guilty of the Jackhammer, too! I thought it was totally normal to have sex this way, and didn’t really mind it, but now I’m wondering.  If not the jackhammer, then what? What are some alternatives to Jackhammer sex? Read more

Help! Should I make a sex tape with my boyfriend?

Sex tapes have been a "hot topic" for a while now. From Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, to the new movie starring Cameron Diaz, sex tapes get people talking. But what happens when your partner wants to make one? Is it the best idea or should you steer clear? As always, Emily has your answer. Read more

Wetter Is Better: Your Lubrication Education

Lubrication is a totally normal additive to sexual encounters. It not only helps, but can enhance your sex life. But sometimes finding the right lubrication can be tough. That's why Emily More is here with her tips and successions to make your decision easier. Read more

PTOD: Post Traumatic Oral Disorder – How to love going down on your man

Confidence in the bedroom

Q: Dear Emily,

I have a confession: I hate giving blow jobs. The first and last real time that I tried going down on a guy, it was horrible. He smelled really bad down there, and when I tried to just power through it, he pushed my head down and I gagged. He lost his erection and we never hooked up again. Ever since then, I’ve avoided giving BJ’s at all costs. Now, I’m with a really good guy who is so kind and loving to me. He has made it known that he really LOVES getting blow jobs (even more than sex!) and I really want to give him one, but I keep thinking back to that bad experience. How do I get over my oral sex fears and give him the amazing blow job he deserves? Sincerely, Amanda   Read more

How to Rock At ‘Woman On Top’

Too many sexual partners in the bedroom

Q: Dear Emily,

I like to consider myself a fairly sexually educated girl, but I have NO idea what to do when it comes to being on top during sex. The few times I have tried it, I felt so awkward that it ended up killing the mood. Now I’m worried that my inexperience will be obvious to my next partner.. Are there any tips you can give me to help me get better at girl-on-top?

Read more

Smaller-Than-Average Penis? No Problem!

It's the age old question: Does size really matter? Dr. Emily Morse is here to answer your questions about what to do if your man isn't so well endowed. It's not as bad of a situation as you might think. Read more