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The money conversations you need to have with him

The only thing less romantic than talking about money with your boo is breaking up with your boo over money. And I guarantee a money-related breakup will happen if you two don’t discuss your finances. So, if you have to pick between the two, pick talking about it! Duh! Here are the money conversations you need to touch on before you get serious with your man. Read more

The only times women should have their own money in a marriage

I’m a huge proponent of women managing their own freaking money. Too many women I know let the men in their lives completely manage their finances with no visibility into their own dough. That’s a recipe for disaster. I know money stuff isn’t fun. But, sorry to break it to you – you’re an adult and not having fun is part of the job. So, put on your big girl panties and own your finances, even when they’re joint finances. That being said, some women don’t have all of their money in joint accounts. Read more

What I say to people who think money doesn’t matter

As originally posted on MillionairesClub123.com I’m the Millionaire Matchmaker and my business started matching wealthy men with women who were interested in marrying them. Now, it’s expanded to include wealthy women looking for love, too. And I know that doesn’t rub everyone the right way because people are pretty loud about it. I hear things like, “It’s gross to be so focused on money,” “money doesn’t matter,” and “someone’s finances shouldn’t make them more or less attractive.” I hear it from TV producers, family members, potential clients and even randos when I’m out for brunch. Here’s what I say when I get these kind of comments. Read more

How to Tell If a Woman Is a Gold-Digger

A potential gold-digger seduces and older man
Ladies, there are some awful bad habits going around (and even more diseases) that girls in OC, LA, and Las Vegas seem to be catching.  I’ve been around them my whole life growing up in OC/LA so this topic is fresh and I have them all figured out. I’ll preface by saying that most men are horrible at detecting this. So to help the men out there, I've compiled a list of eight dead giveaways: "The gold-dar" Read more

Should you marry a man who makes less than you?

Couple fans money. Who makes more?
This weekend I got asked a very interesting question from one of my favorite girlfriends. She’s fabulous and beautiful and very, very successful. She’s one of my best friends and one of my role models. And it’s a very rare thing when she comes to me for advice. Normally, it’s the other way around. (Get your chins off your chests, people! Yes, sometimes even I ask for advice!) Here’s the deal. My friend is dating a man whom she suspects make less than she does. They haven’t talked numbers yet, but she’s pretty sure. And she was wondering if I thought she should get serious, and maybe even marry, a man who makes less than she does. Well, I had some thoughts for her that I thought I’d share with you all too, hoping they’d help you too. Read more

Does money matter in love?

money heats: does money matter in love?
Does money matter when it comes to love? I get that question all the time. And considering I run a business called The Millionaire’s Club, someone who didn’t know me well would probably think I’d be able to give the simple answer of, “Hells yeah, it does!” But you, my loves, know me well enough to know that my answers are never that simple. And I don’t really ever say, “Hells yeah.” So, here’s what I have to say when it comes to money, love and the mixing of the two. Read more