Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life

Was your man naughty or nice in 2012? Hopefully, he was the perfect combination of both. And he probably deserves something special after all the holiday stress. I’m not talking about flannel pajamas here. I’m talking about something really special. Like sexy special. (You know it’s what he really wants anyway, right?) So here are some ideas of sexy little treats you can get him for Valentine’s Day.

A trip

Plan a romantic trip for the two of you somewhere he’s always wanted to go. Nothing beats a romantic getaway to amp up the sex factor in a relationship. If a full trip is out of your price range, no sweat. Book a night in a nearby hotel and make that your romantic getaway. Lounging in a hot tub, ordering room service and spending all night in a totally new bed can be super sexy, even if it’s just down the road from where you live.

A sexy dinner

Invite your man over for a very sexy evening. Wear a dress you know he loves, and cook up a meal full of aphrodisiacs. For some simple recipes, check out my article on sexy, simple aphrodisiac ideas. And once dessert has been served, really turn up the sex factor. Strip down to a new set of lingerie. (New lingerie is a gift for you and for him!) I’d go red with the lingerie to keep it feeling really festive and really, really sexy. Be sure he knows the night is all about him.

A massage

Secretly take a beginner’s massage class or just bone up on internet tutorials. Then give him a nicely-wrapped bottle of great-smelling massage oil. Look for one that’s specifically meant for sensual massages. And then offer to take the new present for a test run. He’s going to be so surprised and pleased with your new massage skills. Another idea would be to get the two of you a sensual massage tutoring course together. That way, he can return the favor of an amazing massage as his gift to you.


His eyes will surely light up when he opens a box of handcuffs. Tell him that he can use them however he wants, and then take turns handcuffing each other and letting the other take total control. If you want to ramp up the sexiness factor, use a silk scarf as a blindfold. Having no control and no vision really heightens your sensitivity and can totally spice up a bedroom routine.

Kama Sutra

Find a book of sex positions at a kinkiness level that’s just a click or two higher than where you normally take sexy times with your boo. Bookmark the positions you want to try first and be ready to start right away. Have the bedroom prepped with candles, music and, if you can make the investment, satin sheets. He’ll never forget this gift!

Anyone here looking to give her man a super sexy gift? I’m always looking for new sexy ideas!