Patti Stanger’s birthday party: Inside the swag bag

Patti Stanger's birthday partyWhen we started planning a birthday party for Patti, we knew there had to be a swag bag that went above and beyond. The guests are in for a treat — these uncensored swag bags are right up Patti’s alley and will make you laugh out loud. Read more for a sneak peak at what celeb attendees will receive at tonight’s bash.

LifeStyles SKYN condoms

Yes, there are condoms at Patti’s party. What did you expect? The matchmaker doesn’t encourage sex before marriage, but if you’re going to make the decision she wants you to do it safely.

SKiNN “Laugh” fragrance

One of Patti’s favorite tips to spark a little romance between you and your man is to leave a note on his pillow spritzed with your perfume. Naturally, we had to include a fragrance. Skinn’s motto is “Fragrance has the power to seduce, the power to trigger precious memories, and the power to render you unforgettable.” Start praying!

Sensa weight loss system

Sprinkle, eat, lose! Patti vouches for them — it’s that easy!

Kreation Juicery

After losing all her weight with Sensa, Patti lives a clean eating lifestyle. “I’m Whole-Foods-R-Us,” Patti says about herself. So, we had to bring a little bit of a granola vibe to this goodie bag. Kreation Juicery donated 150 alkaline waters which stabilize your body and promote glowing skin.

TY KU Sake

As Patti would say, if you get a woman juicy goosey, you’ve got her! Patti’s favorite alcohol TY KU Premium Liqueur is giving all of her guests a little taste of the gluten-free goodness. (Don’t forget to read about her gluten-free birthday cake here!)

Nivea body creme

The secret to youthful skin is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Nivea is helping you with their extended moisture creme.Want more sexy tips? See the next swag item, please!

LaLicious Coconut Cream Sugar Souffle

LaLicious is delicious! Their body body scrub just might become the next Hollywood must-have.

A bag made of LifeStyle SKYN condoms

Better believe it. The president and CEO of Bags by Mags, Maggie Kervivk, not only donated 150 purses made of Skyn condom wrappers but also made a full size tote for Patti as a special gift.


Patti is helping you slim down to look extra sexy. All of Patti’s hot guests will receive a body wrap by Shapewear.

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